How It Works Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations 3rd Edition


How It Works – Book of Great Inventors & Their Creations 3rd Edition

Featuring – among many others – brilliant mathematicians Archimedes of Syracuse and Charles Babbage, celebrated scientists Michael Faraday and Alfred Nobel, and photography pioneers Nicephore Niépce and George Eastman, the How It Works Book Of Great Inventors & Their Creations is the ultimate guide to learning how these geniuses worked and what incredible inventions earned them their rightful place in history.
Feature – 10 inventions that changed the world.
Inventors – Discover how the world’s greatest inventors created their innovations.
Inventions – Explore archaic apparatus, examine medical breakthroughs, and understand how technological systems evolved.
Historical artefacts – Read selected pages from inventors’ books, and analyse technical drawings, diagrams, study notes, letters and diary entries.

Ronald Hanifan
The Engineering Language: A Consolidation of the Words and Their Definitions

Unlike other engineering dictionaries that tend to focus only on narrow and arcane technical words, this dictionary explains the major, commonly used words found in engineering documents and drawings, and explains them in plain, unambiguous English. It also explains how some terms take on different meanings in different engineering contexts – vital when working on collaborative projects across different engineering disciplines. This work is based on a dictionary that was developed for engineers and technicians at Lockheed Martin. Each definition is written in clear, everyday English to avoid confusing jargon and ‘techno-speak’ problems.

Recent Advances in Celestial and Space Mechanics

This book presents recent advances in space and celestial mechanics, with a focus on the N-body problem and astrodynamics, and explores the development and application of computational techniques in both areas. It highlights the design of space transfers with various modes of propulsion, like solar sailing and low-thrust transfers between libration point orbits, as well as a broad range of targets and applications, like rendezvous with near Earth objects. Additionally, it includes contributions on the non-integrability properties of the collinear three- and four-body problem, and on general conditions for the existence of stable, minimum energy configurations in the full N-body problem.
A valuable resource for physicists and mathematicians with research interests in celestial mechanics, astrodynamics and optimal control as applied to space transfers, as well as for professionals and companies in the industry.

Jean-Luc Wertz, Olivier Bédué
Lignocellulosic Biorefineries

Written with a diverse audience in mind, this book describes the current status, development, and future prospects for the critical technology of second-generation biorefineries, specifically with a focus on lignocellulosic materials as feedstock. It provides an overview of the issues behind this technological transition, and it provides, in depth, the science and technology related to cellulose for production of bioethanol and other biofuels. The book also highlights the main emerging routes that will serve as the source of important bio-generated products in the future.

Taisho Hasegawa
Tribology Research Trends

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It includes the study and application of the principles of friction, lubrication and wear.

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