A Pictorial History of Horror Stories


A Pictorial History of Horror Stories By Peter Haining

Two Hundred Years of Illustrations from the Pulp Magazines

This book is basically a page-for-page reprint of Haining’s earlier book entitled “Terror: A History of Horror Illustrations from Pulp Magazines.” There is no new material. The only difference is it is a hardback with different cover art. While it’s quite thorough in visually documenting the evolution of horror illustration from the “penny-dreadful” magazines of the Victorian age through the pulps of the ’30s and ’40s, it has a major shortcoming — most of the luridly colorful pulp magazine cover images are reproduced in B&W. That makes for a very monotonous read. These days, newer books about the pulps always reproduce the covers in glorious color. Why they didn’t see fit to do that in the ’70s and and ’80s is a mystery and a shame. Someone needs to revisit the subject of horror pulps and do it right.

4to, glossy illus bds with lurid picture of monster attacking a sleeping woman, 176pp. Lavishly illus in colour and in B&W. Many artists are represented: Mary Byfield, Henry Anelay, John Gilbert, Sidney Paget, Margaret Brundage, etc. These illustrations are always fascinating.

A feast of nightmares in pictures, rescued from the crumbling pages of long dead periodicals. Ranges over 200 years of gory, ghoulish and terrifying from the first Gothic engravings of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to that rich and varied treasure house of horror illustrations

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