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Spanish Crash Course

The Original 30-Minute Crash Course!
Speak Spanish in just one short week! LANGUAGE/30 zeroes in on the most essential phrases for day-to-day communication. Whether you are a vacationer, a business traveler, a student, or just need a refresher course, you’ll learn what you need to know in just three 30-minute sessions a day.
Developed for U.S. Government personnel, this accelerated learning method will have you conversing after just a few easy 30-minute lessons! These widely acclaimed courses have yielded proven results for over 60 years.
Introduction by world-famous linguist – Charles Berlitz.
Includes greetings, personal needs, transportation, business, health and emergency terms, and more!
Covers grammar, pronunciation, social customs, vocabulary, and foreign scripts.
Native voices with authentic pronunciation.
Digitally remastered, revised, and updated.

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  1. Имран Хасан
    Имран Хасан

    how can i download this mp3?

    1. Fauve Rouget
      Fauve Rouget

      Imran, normaly with the browser Opera, you can download from vk with one of their extensions.

  2. Имран Хасан
    Имран Хасан

    😊 I get it…………u can also…..http://en.savefrom.net/7-how-to-download-vk-music-videos-photos.html

  3. Ignacio Almandoz
    Ignacio Almandoz

    One of the best ways to speed up your Spanish learning is learning to read books that you really want to read ( books you can enjoy). Developing our speaking skills takes much longer than developing our comprehension skills. Focusing on speaking – and speaking correctly , without mistakes- doesn’t work. Students should start by developing their comprehension skills. Little children -likewise- don’t start by speaking. They start producing their first words and sentences after having spent months or years listening. I don’t recommend trying to learn phrases in a week. You will just forget all those sentences very quickly. Learning to read is certainly a solid foundation for your learning.

  4. Ana Nur
    Ana Nur

    Error !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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