Medical Words Quiz


O.A. Sarma
Medical Words Quiz

The object of contemplating a handbook of this type is to find the means of in1proving one’s vocabulary. Words and ideographs of science are important tools for the continuing
and successful interchange of ideas. Transtnission of ideas through appropriate words, preserving the integrity of the word is attempted herein.
Words are the instruments of understanding and exion of ideas. Each word is Jike a bead in the necklace of
exion; the exion becomes brighter and brighter depending on the quality of the bead in the necklace.
This book is useful to persons of all ages. Some exercises
suit the standard of undergraduates (M.B.B.S. level) while others interest the post-graduate students. This book is perhaps, the first of its kind published so far. This is an interesting venture which is off the beaten track,
ventilating new and novel ideas. The approach is unique in the sense that the ideographs are genuinely original. In Section 1 a review of certain diseases with research- oriented themes is given.. ections 2 and 3 vouch the richness of medical vocabulary. Sections 4 and 5 highlight the twin hazards of the present day society. Sections 7 to 10 denote veneration to medical scientists. Section 13 upholds the vastness of word combinations thus improving medical vocabulary; it pres objecti ve type of quiz exercises.
Section 16 caters to the lighter side of reading with a touch of witticism. The final section is as interesting as a game of cards.

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