Kandinsky in Paris 1934-1944


Kandinsky in Paris, 1934-1944

Exhibition held at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY, February 15-April 14, 1985.

John A. Parks
Universal Principles of Art: 100 Key Concepts for Understanding, Analyzing, and Practicing Art

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The Guggenheim Museum Collection 1900-1980

Paul Klee, 1879-1940: A Retrospective Exhibition

Kandinsky in Munich, 1896-1914

Vasily Kandinsky, it may be stated fairly, lived at least three lives in one. In the course of his seventy-eight years, despite an exceptionally late start as an artist, his work encompassed three stylistic phases which, though ultimately comprehensible as a unity, nevertheless are more than ordinarily separable from one another. Each of these—in Munich before World War I; at the Bauhaus during the postwar years; and in Paris from the rise of Nazism through World War II—represented a major episode which was more or less self-contained. In each Kandinsky developed a style that corresponded to a particular insight, and each reflected an advanced, visionary sensibility.

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