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Xiaoming Wang
Dogs: Their Fossil Relatives and Evolutionary History

Xiaoming Wang and Richard H. Tedford have spent the past 20 years studying the evolutionary history of the family Canidae. Both are well known for having established the modern framework for the evolutionary relationship of canids. Combining their research with Mauricio Antón’s impeccable reconstructions of both extinct and extant species, Wang and Tedford present a remarkably detailed and nuanced portrait of the origin and evolution of canids over the past 40 million years.

Ernest Bailey, Samantha A. Brooks
Horse Genetics

There are over 250 breeds of horses worldwide, with different abilities, temperaments and phenotypic traits that have developed and diversified for thousands of years since horses were first domesticated by humans.

This essential textbook describes the basic genetics of the horse including coat color, parentage, medical and population genetics, cytogenetics, performance, breeding systems and genetic conservation, and new advances such as micro-satellite testing. The authors have updated Dr. Ann T. Bowling’s seminal work in light of the sequencing of the complete horse genome, and in addition to the basic genetic principles and their specific applications to the horse, new and revised topics include the development of genomics, gene expression, the relationship of the genome to physiological function, blood groups, transfusion medicine and haemolytic disease of newborn foals. It also includes a greater description of the diversity of breeds of horse in the world, and equid evolution.

L. DeVere Burton
Fish & Wildlife: Principles of Zoology and Ecology

FISH & WILDLIFE, PRINCIPLES OF ZOOLOGY AND ECOLOGY, 3rd Edition, is an introductory applied science textbook intended for use in high school programs focused on agriculture, and natural resource. The text provides a broad-spectrum overview of the wild animals of North America and the environments they live in, including basic principles of science as they apply to wild animals and the habitats they occupy.

Laura Southworth
In Search of Nature

Perhaps more than any other scientist of our century, Edward O. Wilson has scrutinized animals in their natural settings, tweezing out the dynamics of their social organization, their relationship with their environments, and their behavior, not only for what it tells us about the animals themselves, but for what it can tell us about human nature and our own behavior.

Erich Hoyt
Marine Protected Areas For Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises: A World Handbook for Cetacean Habitat Conservation

This definitive handbook launches a new chapter in cetacean conservation with its investigation into the habitat needs and protection requirements of some 84 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises. This is the first work to bridge the separate disciplines of marine protected areas (MPAs) and cetacean conservation.

This highly informative book will become a source of inspiration and understanding for the decision-maker as well as for the layperson, and an exhaustive repository of information and references for the specialist.

The first part of the book outlines the principles for creating the best possible MPAs for cetaceans, stemming from the identification of critical habitat and through an inclusive process involving all stakeholders – local community, NGOs, researchers, the fishing and tourism industries, along with government planners and wildlife managers.

The second part covers each of the 18 marine regions around the world. Included are marine region maps and tables outlining proposed and existing MPAs, detailed checklists for creating and implementing MPAs, an explanation of biosphere reserves, and relevant international legislation.
The book also looks at regulation of international trade and hunting, fisheries agreements and promotion of whale watching, ecotourism and other non-consumptive economic policies.

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