grzimek bernhard grzimek s animal life encyclopedia volume 0


Michael Hutchins – Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia

Volume 1.
Lower Metazoans and Lesser Deuterostomes

Authoritative writing in a style accessible to the general reader, comprehensive coverage, a taxonomic arrangement to facilitate comparison between species, consistent organization, ample color illustrations and photographs, incorporation of current research, and the inclusion of conservation status and the significance of the animal to humans make Grzimek’s an excellent choice for academic, large public, and special libraries.

Volume 2.

Protostomes (e.g., mollusks, gastropods, annelids), represent animals often not well known to nonspecialists. The authors do an excellent job of presenting current research and scientific facts in combination with interesting sidelights.

Volume 3.

Insects, is written in an engaging style and provides a good overview of more than 1.5 million known species.

Volume 4.
Fishes. Part 1

Volume 5.
Fishes. Part 2

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