Splendors of Chinese Art


Splendors of Chinese Art

Join this adventurous quest back into the depths of time. Chinese art eMbodies an inherently unique sensibility. If you look closely at an archaic bronze vessel or a Han dynasty pottery figure, you will immediately recognize their raw primordial power and abstracted form – qualities which constitute our Western definition of ‘modern’.

The Art of Chinese Landscape Painting

In western China, on the great silk road, lies the ancient city of Tun-huang, famous for its great Buddhist shrine, consisting of no fewer than 469 caves carved out of a sandy cliff. Founded in the fourth century A. D., its wealth of wall-paintings and other valuable works of art was produced during successive dynasties-the Sui, the T’ang and the Sung in particular-and right up to the nineteenth-century, when it first came to the notice of the Western world.
The book includes: Art of the world; non-European cultures; the historical, sociological and religious backgrounds.

Chinese Art

This book is an encyclopaedia of Chinese classical art, giving an informative overview of all forms of Chinese art and providing the keys to understanding contemporary art in China. This book is a great way for beginners to better acquaint themselves with China, while specialists will appreciate the global perspective. Dealing not only with architecture, sculpture, and painting, but also with bronze and ceramics, this text offers a complete panorama of Chinese arts and civilisation. In his text, the author Bushell stresses the importance of knowing the society to understand the arts.

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