Klimt – Judith I (One Hundred Paintings)


Klimt: Judith I (One Hundred Paintings)

Explores Klimt’s life and paintings, his major themes, and his work with landscapes, portraits, and architectural decoration, paying particular attention to his “Judith I.”

Edward Hopper, 1882-1967: Transformation of the Real

EDWARD HOPPER’S world is like a mirror of AMERICA ‘s rural world and also an alienation of city life. There is a real unity in the artist’s vision and the way he has chosen to celebrate the people he loved is both moving and haunting. Who can forget those visions of a secretary sitting on the desk and waiting for the boss, and those people in the sun just lying there ,and finally those two women in the restaurant? HOPPER is an artist that really gets to you in a most depressing way. As an introduction to his work, this book is interesting.

Art Nouveau Embroidery (Art in Needlework)

Art Nouveau is the newest style – and also a very old style – embroidery. It is not just a fashion of the early 1900’s – not just a beautiful nostalgic experiment – but a classic art form we’ve only begun to really appreciate and explore. As Erica Wilson points our in her introduction to this book, these ornate, flowing, delicate patterns may stimulate you to new creative achievements. The art is as frest and inspiring as if it had just been designed – perhaps even more interesting and exciting today than it was three-quarters of a century ago.

Art Nouveau: An Art of Transition-From Individualism to Mass Society

Elegant, flamboyant and vaguely sinister, Art Nouveau still grips the imagination three-quarters of a century after its heyday. Here in one concise volume are the unforgettable prints, paintings, lamps, jewelry, furniture and other artifacts of the era in all their fin-de-steele splendor. The text offers a lively and informative survey of Art Nouveau in all its variety, and the striking reproductions display representative works from many lands.

305 Authentic Art Nouveau Jewelry Designs

Over 300 spectacular pendants, combs, buckles, rings, bracelets, brooches, umbrella handles, penknives, buttons, clasps, and scissors in detailed photographs reprinted from rare, turn-of-the-century folios. Elegant, royalty-free illustrations exquisitely detailed with flower, foliage, and butterfly motifs. Readily adaptable to any design use.

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