Surrealism (Art Revolutions)


Surrealism (Art Revolutions)

Why paint a landscape covered with sagging clocks or men with apples for faces? This unique new book helps children unravel the mysteries of this major art movement of the 20th century. Each book reveals the secrets of some of the most important works from various periods and considers the possible thinking of the artists themselves.

Pop Art (Art Revolutions)

Imagine a hamburger big enough to sit on, or a comic strip the size of a wall. Why make a print of a can of soup, or a painting of a loaf of sliced bread? The Pop artists chose these modern subjects for their work–and they took the art world by storm! Pop Art was a dazzling art revolution–but how and why did it happen?

Expressionism – German Painting, 1905-1920

Traces the origins, techniques, and aesthetics of Die Brucke, Der Blaue Reiter, and the German Expressionist movement in art, looking at the work of innovative painters.

Impressionism (Art Revolutions)

Imagine a snow scene in pinks, blues and yellows, or a building without an outline. Why paint workers in a dusty street, or a steam train on a smoky station? The Impressionists rebelled against the art styles of the past – and they created a splash! Impressionism was a revolution in color and form but how and why did it happen? This book lifts the lid on the world of Impressionism. From inspiration to creation Art Revolutions – Impressionism tells you all you need to know about the leading works and figures of this ground-breaking art movement.

Cubism (Art Revolutions)

Imagine a portrait with too many noses or a landscape without a horizon. Why paint a violin in disjointed pieces or a wobbling Eiffel Tower? The Cubists looked at the world from new angles and challenged the art of the past. Cubism was a revolution in shape and form–but how and why did it happen?This book lifts the lid on the world of Cubism. From inspiration to creation, Art Revolutions–Cubism tells you all you need to know about the leading works and figures of this puzzling modern art movement.

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