Tom Tierney
Medieval Fashions

Nineteen centuries of European fashions appear in a remarkable coloring book that doubles as a comprehensive fashion retrospective. From modest peasant garb to the regal attire of the nobility, the meticulously researched drawings depict soldiers, minstrels, lords, ladies, and many others in authentic garb from the 5th through mid-15th centuries. 45 black-and-white illustrations.

Leslie Tillett
Floral Alphabet Coloring Book

Twenty-six beautiful designs (one for each letter of the alphabet) contain flowers and plants whose names begin with the letter shown on plate. Keys to plates help identify scores of common florals — from apples, azaleas and artichokes to zucchini, zinnias, and the zebra plant. Educational fun for colorists of all ages.

Nina Barbaresi
Fun with Search-a-Word Coloring Book

36 delightful puzzles invite children to spell names of pictured objects (carrot, game, door), people (doctor, cowboy, acrobat), animals (chicken, horse, snake) and more. Blanks — with some letters filled in — and word grids accompany each series of pictures. Solutions at end.
Reading level: Baby-Preschool

Alberta Hutchinson
Mystical Mandala Coloring Book

This vibrant collection of drawings was inspired by the hypnotic appeal of the mandala. An ancient form of meditative art, mandalas are complex circular designs that draw the eye inward, toward their centers. These 30 dazzling mandala designs will captivate colorists of all ages, challenging them to create kaleidoscopic effects.

Bruce LaFontaine
The Adventures of Ulysses

High adventure, heroic deeds, and terrible monsters abound in 27 ready-to-color illustrations that depict the challenges facing the legendary Greek hero. Ulysses and his men encounter the dreaded Cyclops, a tribe of giant cannibals, and the treacherous Sirens. Includes a brief narrative.

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  1. Sybil Howlett
    Sybil Howlett

    I love colouring books, it would be lovely when you have more of them.

    1. Fauve Rouget
      Fauve Rouget

      Sybil, I already posted several coloring books.You just have to look for :)

      1. Sybil Howlett
        Sybil Howlett

        Fauve, merci bien, I found them ❤ ❤

        1. Fauve Rouget
          Fauve Rouget

          Sybil, ok 😜

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