Maria Bruscino Sanchez
Sweet Maria’s Italian Cookie Tray: A Cookbook

Sweet Maria’s Italian Cookie Tray presents sixty-five recipes for the delicious, festive cookies that brighten every Italian home, at the holidays and all year-round.

Maria Bruscino Sanchez opened Sweet Maria’s bakery when she was just twenty-six years old, specializing in authentic Italian cookies and cakes made from handed-down family recipes. The result has been a booming business, and this very special cookbook.

The irresistible reciples range from drop, molded and filled cookies; biscotti; taralle and biscuits; pizelles, and more. Easy to prepare and perfect for any occasion (or no occasion at all) they include:

Chocolate Almond Macaroons, Pignoli Nut Cookies, Amaretto Biscotti Sesame Cookies, Almond Crescents, Lemon Drop Cookies, Chocolate Puffs, Florentines, Lady Fingers, Sweet Ravioli Cookies, Christmas Honey Clusters, Angel Wings, Cinnamon Nut Bars, and more.

Whether you grew up in an Italian home or just wish you did, this wonderful collection is sure to become a cookie lover’s favorite—one you will return to again and again.

Matt Wilkinson
Mr Wilkinson’s Simply Dressed Salads: A cookbook to celebrate the seasons

The humble salad: so often overlooked and unloved. Not so for Matt Wilkinson. For Matt, the salad is a culinary main event and a dish that’s as diverse in its versatility as it is in flavour.
In Mr Wilkinson’s Simply Dressed Salads Matt shares his favourite salad recipes – one for every week of the year, showcasing the very best seasonal ingredients, along with whimsical musings for quick salad ideas and tips for how to get the very best from in-season produce. Complete with salad dressing ‘family trees’ that show how to use leftover dressings, delicious cordial recipes that make use of the seasons’ glut, and filled with beautiful photography and illustrations throughout, Mr Wilkinson’s Simply Dressed Salads shows us that salad is so much more than the sum of its parts.
Originally hailing from Yorkshire in England, chef and author Matt Wilkinson lives in Melbourne with his family. He part-owns and runs the acclaimed café and restaurant Pope Joan, alongside his produce store Hams and Bacon. Matt is the author of Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables. Mr Wilkinson’s Simply Dressed Salads is his second cookbook.

Gabriel Gate
A Cook’s Tour of France: Regional French Recipes

A Cook’s Tour of France is a collection of regional French recipes from chef and television presenter Gabriel Gate’s annual gastronomic journey along of the course of the Tour de France, the most famous race in the world. The Tour takes a different route every year, visiting famous cities and regions like Provence, The Loire Valley and Burgundy, making it as much a delight for the food lover as it is the sports fan. The gastronomy of France is quite simply superb. Its outstanding fish and seafood, excellent wines and liqueurs, extraordinary cheeses, unique range of charcuteries, delicious bread, cakes and patisseries are a constant delight for the French people.

This beautiful cookbook gathers together the best classic recipes from the many regions of France, one of the world’s best destinations for food lovers. The recipes include dishes from across France, such as the popular Chicken Casserole Vallee d’Auge from Normandy, the colourful Ratatouille with Lemon and Olive Chantilly from Provence and, of course, lovely desserts, as only the French can do, like the luscious Strawberry Tart from the Loire Valley.

Gabriel Gate is a French-trained chef with an international reputation as an author, television presenter and cookery teacher. Born in the Loire Valley of France, where his father grew all the family’s fruit and vegetables and made wine from the small family vineyard, Gabriel learned the joys of cooking from his maternal grandmother, who was an excellent cook. As a young chef, Gabriel learned to cook from some of the finest French chefs before leaving France with his Australian-born wife, Angie. He is the author of 22 cookbooks, including 100 Best Cakes and Desserts and Taste Le Tour.

Chris-Rachael Oseland
An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery

When a second generation geek with multiple degrees in history grows up to be a professional cookbook writer, it’s no surprise you end up with a lovingly researched book of Hobbit cookery.

Inside these pages you’ll find one chapter for each traditional Hobbit meal. In addition to being based on historic recipes revised to fit Tolkien’s specific vision of the Shire, the dishes have the following themes.

– Breakfast – hot, fast, traditional morning food
– Second Breakfast – cold, sturdy pies full of meat, veg and fruit to fuel a small adventure
– Elevenses – a hearty selection of breads to tide you over until Luncheon
– Luncheon – lighter fare appropriate for a pub
– Afternoon Tea – sweet biscuits, cakes and buns to accompany a caffeinated pick-me-up
– Supper – a hot meal of meat, veg, and mushrooms with a sweet finish
– Dinner – slow cooked roasts and puddings that take hours to make, but are well worth the wait

To make sure there’s a place for everyone around our geeky table, the index is broken up by dietary restrictions, with

– 11 Paleo/Primal friendly recipes
– 19 Gluten Free friendly recipes
– 20 Vegan friendly recipes (which happen to be kosher and halal)
– 40 Vegetarian friendly recipes (including the vegan ones)

Whether you want to make an epic dinner fit for a king or bring a little period flair to a geeky gathering, you’ll find something in these pages for every Tolkien fan.

Shubhra Ramineni
Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking: Easy Recipes for the Hurry Home Cook

Bring spice into your kitchen and happiness to your taste buds with Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking!

Learning new and palate-pleasing ways to incorporate vegetarian meals into your daily schedule can be a chore. In her new book, acclaimed author and caterer Shubhra Ramineni shows how easy it is to make healthy and interesting vegetarian food, along with a selection of vegan and gluten free dishes. Understanding that most of us work full-time, Shubhra has created a cookbook full of delicious, easy-to-make meals and snacks that provide all the nutritional benefits your body (and family) needs. As an added bonus, by eating fresh, locally-grown vegetables you are doing something good for yourself and the planet!

With a few spices in your pantry, like turmeric, cardamom and cumin, and a copy of Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cooking, you can easily whip up flavorful dishes you and your family will love!

Recipes include:• Split Chickpea and Zucchini Stew
• Coconut Vegetable Curry with Tofu
• Tandoori Tofu Kebabs
• Vegetable Pilaf

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