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Celine Li
Crash Course Chinese: 500+ Survival Phrases to Talk Like a Local


What’s the fastest way to learn a new language?

The answer is more simple than you think. In nearly every language, 80% of what’s spoken daily derives from 20% of the entire language. What does that mean for you? Picking up a new language does not require a laborious study of grammar formulas and verb conjugations. Instead, if you just focus on the right parts of the language – the absolute essentials – you WILL be able to communicate in a new language WITHIN DAYS. This book helps you achieve just that.

This Chinese language guidebook supplies you with ALL THE ESSENTIAL spoken Chinese language you need in daily conversations and on trips abroad.

This book is written by a NATIVE CHINESE SPEAKER who has lived in Beijing, China and taught Mandarin Chinese to English speakers. In addition to language instruction, this book takes a step further to distinguish between “local talk” from mere dictionary words.

For those of you taking the HSK exams, this book is a great supplement to help you study from HSK Level 1 to HSK Level 3.

Barnaby Rogerson
Rogerson’s Book of Numbers: The Culture of Numbers—from 1,001 Nights to the Seven Wonders of the World


Rogerson’s Book of Numbers is based on a numerical array of virtues, spiritual attributes, gods, devils, sacred cities, powers, calendars, heroes, saints, icons, and cultural symbols.

It provides a dazzling mass of information for those intrigued by the many roles numbers play in folklore and popular culture, in music and poetry, and in the many religions, cultures, and belief systems of our world.

The stories unfold from millions to zero: from the number of the beast (666) to the seven deadly sins; from the twelve signs of the zodiac to the four suits of a deck of cards. Along the way, author Barnaby Rogerson will show you why Genghis Khan built a city of 108 towers, how Dante forged his Divine Comedy on the number eleven, and why thirteen is so unlucky in the West whereas fourteen is the number to avoid in China.

Lisa Lieberman Doctor
Accidental Poetry: Improve Your English Through Creative Writing

Mastering English as a second or subsequent language doesn’t have to be dull. All you need to create “accidental poetry” is a basic English vocabulary and a desire to write from your heart, allowing the words to flow without concern for grammatical correctness. Accidental Poetry: Improve Your English Through Creative Writing offers a proven method that has allowed new speakers of English throughout the world to boost their language ability. It will provide for you, too, the richly satisfying experience of writing with confidence as you activate the senses, recall childhood experiences, and express the many shades of your emotions. What a fun and gratifying way to improve your English skills!

Shayne Gardner, Kris Hagen
Visualize Your Vocabulary: Turn Any SAT Word into a Picture and Remember It Forever

This is volume one of a soon to be ten volume series that will establish the definitive “How To” in permanently memorizing SAT words or any other words. The method in this book makes it fun, easy, fast, and painless to tame tough SAT vocabulary. Studies show that most of us are visual learners, so the trick to remember an abstract concept is to turn it into a picture. That can take time and effort. This book does all of the work for you. It is the academic equivalent of steroids for an athlete. Read it and gain a remarkable edge over other students. Read it and dramatically raise your verbal SAT score. Read it and develop a powerful vocabulary which is the most accurate indicator of potential academic success. Read it and the mild-mannered, offbeat, super hero Werdnerd will take you on a tour through 250 zany illustrations that will magically stick in your memory like glue. You see it. You get it. It’s that simple.

Suzanne I. Barchers
Multicultural Folktales: Readers Theatre for Elementary Students

Introduce your students to other countries and cultures through the traditional folk and fairy tales in these engaging readers theatre scripts. Representing more than 30 countries and regions, the 40 reproducible scripts are accompanied by presentation suggestions and recommendations for props and delivery. Each has been assessed for readability using the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Scale and is grouped for grades one through five. Valuable as supplements to multicultural units, these scripts actively involve students in the subject, and they promote oral reading and presentation skills.

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