Trask-s Historical Linguistics- 3 edition


Robert McColl Millar and Larry
Trask’s Historical Linguistics, 3 edition

Trask’s Historical Linguistics, Third Edition, is an accessible introduction to historical linguistics – the study of language change over time. This engaging book is illustrated with language examples from all six continents, and covers the fundamental concepts of language change, methods for historical linguistics, linguistic reconstruction, sociolinguistic aspects of language change, language contact, the birth and death of languages, language and prehistory and the issue of very remote relations.

This third edition of the renowned Trask’s Historical Linguistics is fully revised and updated and covers the most recent developments in historical linguistics, including:
more detail on morphological change including cutting-edge discussions of iconization
coverage of recent developments in sociolinguistic explanations of variation and change
new case studies focusing on Germanic languages and American and New Zealand English, and updated exercises covering each of the topics within the book
a brand new companion website featuring material for both professors and students, including discussion questions and further exercises as well as commentaries on the exercises within the book.

Trask’s Historical Linguistics is essential reading for all students of language, linguistics and related disciplines.

The accompanying website can be found at

Maghiel Van Crevel,
Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money

“Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money” is a groundbreaking contribution to scholarship, well-suited to classroom use in that it combines rigorous analysis with a lively style. Covering the period from 1980s to the present, it is organized around the notions of text, context and metatext, meaning poetry, its socio-political and cultural surroundings, and critical discourse in the broadest sense. The authors and issues studied include Han Dong, Haizi, Xi Chuan, Yu Jian, Sun Wenbo, Yang Lian, Wang Jiaxin, Bei Dao, Yin Lichuan, Shen Haobo and Yan Jun, and everything from the subtleties of poetic rhythm to exile-bashing in domestic media. This book has room for all that poetry is: cultural heritage, symbolic capital, intellectual endeavor, social commentary, emotional expression, music and the materiality of language – art, in a word.

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