William McNaughton
Chinese Literature: An Anthology from the Earliest Times to the Present Day

Almost three thousand years of Chinese literature have been gathered together in Chinese Literature: An Anthology from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.

The earliest preserved folk songs of the peasantry; the major works of the “Golden Age” of Chinese philosophy; the “prose-songs” and the later skillful poems of the T’ang dynasty ; the short stories and plays; the novels; and the poems and stories of men who have made modern China – all these are represented in this anthology, in complete works or in excerpts.

Editor William McNaughton presents Chinese literature as an organic development, so that the student as well as the general reader can see how genre evolved into genre and form developed into form. He has based this presentationon work by Chinese critics and scholars that, until recently, has not been available outside China.

In addition to classical writings, the poems and stories by twentieth-century writers, most of which have been newly translated into English, give new insights into modern Chinese society and individuals, and make this the most complete one-volume anthology ever published.

William McNaughton
Reading and Writing Chinese: Third Edition (2,633 Chinese Characters and 5,000+ Compounds)

This is a complete and easy–to–use guide for reading and writing Chinese characters.

Learning written Chinese is an essential part of mastering the Chinese language. Used as a standard by students and teachers learning to read Chinese and write Chinese for more than three decades, the bestselling Reading & Writing Chinese has been completely revised and updated. Reading & Writing Chinese places at your fingertips the essential 1,725 Chinese characters’ up-to-date definitions, derivations, pronunciations, and examples of correct usage by means of cleverly condensed grids. This guide also focuses on Pinyin, which is the official system to transcribe Hanzi, Chinese characters, into Latin script, now universally used in mainland China and Singapore. Traditional characters (still used in Taiwan and Hong Kong) are also included, making this a complete reference.

Newly updated and revised, these characters are the ones officially prescribed by the Chinese government for the internationally recognized test of proficiency in Chinese, the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK). The student’s ability to read Chinese and write Chinese are reinforced throughout.

Key features of this newly-expanded edition include:
The 1,725 most frequently used characters in both Simplified and Traditional forms.
All 2,633 characters and 5,000+ compounds required for the HSK Exam.
Standard Hanyu Pinyin romanizations.
More mnemonic phrases and etymologies to help you remember the characters.
An extensive introduction, alphabetical index, and index according to stroke count and stroke order.
Completely updated/expanded English definitions.
Convenient quick-reference tables of radicals.
Updated and revised compounds, plus 25% more vocabulary now offered.
Codes to assist those who are preparing for the AP exam or the HSK exam

Philip Yungkin Lee
Essential Chinese: Speak Chinese with Confidence! (Self-Study Guide and Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook) (Essential Phrase Bk)

This portable, user–friendly Chinese language guide and phrasebook is the cheapest and easiest way to learn Chinese before and during your trip.

If you only want one Chinese language book—Essential Chinese is the way to go. Part of Tuttle Publishing’s Essential Phrasebooks Series, it is a great first introduction and beginner guide to the language of China and Taiwan and is also designed as a great Chinese phrasebook, making it the most versatile Chinese language learning tool on the market.

Perfect for business people or tourist traveling to China or for students who want to supplement their learning, this book’s easy indexing feature allows it to act as an Mandarin phrase book or as English–Chinese Dictionary. A clever “point to” feature allows you to simply point to a phrase translated in Chinese without the need to say a single word or read a single character. You will soon find yourself turning to Essential Chinese again and again when visiting or working in China.

In this book you will find:
Over 1500 practical sentences for everyday use.
A glossary of over 2000 terms and expressions.
Terms and phrases covering essential aspects of traveling and living in China.
Extensive information about Chinese grammar and pronunciation.
This beginner Chinese book will help you quickly and easily learn Chinese. Your ability to read Chinese, write Chinese, speak Chinese, and comprehend Chinese will be vastly improved without having to take an entire Chinese language class. Other titles in this bestselling series of phrasebooks include: Essential Japanese, Essential Arabic, Essential Korean, Essential Tagalog, and Essential Arabic.

Cornelius C. Kubler, Jerling Guo Kubler
Intermediate Written Chinese Practice Essentials: Read and Write Mandarin Chinese As the Chinese Do

Learning to read and write Chinese requires lots of practice. This unique practice guide can be used with any Chinese textbook or on its own to enhance your proficiency in reading and writing Mandarin Chinese.

Intermediate Written Chinese Practice Essentials offers a wealth of carefully-designed exercises and activities to help you develop every aspect of your reading and writing ability:
Character writing practice sheets, character identification and sentence punctuation exercises.
Sictation, fill-in-the-blank and dialog completion exercises.
Writing and reading activities based on train schedules, photographs, restaurant menus, street signs, name cards and many other commonly encountered texts.
Translation and writing exercises—Answering questions, map reading, converting written style to spoken style.

Together with or after this book, you can use Basic Spoken Chinese if you want to learn fluent spoken Mandarin.

About the Series: Respected Chinese language expert Dr. Cornelius Kubler, who has taught diplomats, business people and students, presents a learning system that uses separate but integrated “tracks” to help you efficiently master the basics of spoken and written Chinese. The materials in this series allow you to move from complete beginner level to basic fluency.

Get Talking Chinese

Ready…set…talk! This compact guide provides a fun and easy way to get a handle on all aspects of Mandarin Chinese-reading, writing, speaking, and listening-as well as a look at the fantastic culture of China. Includes an audio Cd for easy pronunciation practice.

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