World Whiskey — Charles MacLean (DK) [2009 US]


Charles MacLean
World Whiskey

World Whiskey is a long overdue visual bible of over 700 worldwide whiskeys. Whiskeys Worth the Wait directory spreads make up the body of the book, marrying together distillery history, in-depth tasting notes, and a photograph. Guiding you through every important distilling nation – starting with the rich varieties in Scotland, going on to woody bourbon and rye in the US, and finishing with the range of varieties available in Asia and Australasia – you’re sure to find a satisfying dram wherever you are.

The World Cheese Book

The book is about cheese in all its many glorious varieties. What it looks like, what it tastes like, where it comes from, what you should do with it and why, how to choose a cheese you’ll like and how best to enjoy it. It gives you an in-depth understanding of the world of cheese – the science, the smells, the succulence.

The core of the book is formed by the Directory Spreads, packed with clear and expert information about each cheese and illustrated with excellent photography. The cheeses are arranged by country, each section written by an expert “cheesie” from that country. For the novice, the intermediate and expert cheese eater, it will become the undisputed best guide to the world’s cheeses.

Wines of the World

From Alsace to Western Australia, and from Piedmont, Italy to the Colchagua Wine Valley of Chile, Wines of the World delivers essential information about each of the 35 major wine-producing regions in the world. With detailed reports on the top producers; must-have vintages; maps; buying guides; and the style, characteristics, and flavors of hundreds of wines – this is an unrivalled, lavishly illustrated, and portable guide for anyone interested in learning more about wines.

Anna Del Conte, Thomas Laessoe
The Edible Mushroom Book

Part field guide, part cookbook, this fully illustrated book offers tips for foraging for fungi in the wild, on preparing mushrooms for cooking, and how to make 50 mouthwatering recipes.

Nicola Graimes
Ultimate Children’s Cookbook

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