Stretching — Suzanne Martin (DK) [2005 US]


Suzanne Martin

Do you want to know stretches that relieve pain and ease everyday stresses and strains? Do you want to know how to remodel your body in just 21 days? And counter the affects of aging? Well, then look to the DK Stretching Deck it has clear and concise information about stretching and its benefits. It combines straightforward information with a fresh, clean design in a portable, easy-to-access format.

Strength Training

Providing exercises for all parts of the body and taking you step-by-step through each movement, highlighting exactly which muscle should be working when, Strength Training is the ultimate personal trainer. With an emphasis on clear demonstration of optimum technique, detailed outlines of the muscles used, and advice on avoiding common pitfalls, Strength Training provides the maximum safeguard against the danger of injury, and helps you stay at peak fitness.

Miranda Krestovnikoff, Monty Halls
Scuba Diving

An authoritative and encouraging guide, Scuba Diving contains expert advice and step-by-step illustrations on how to perfect key skills, how to buy and maintain equipment, what the different diving options are and where to find classic dive sites around the world.

Scuba Diving covers different types of diving from reef and ice to wreck, nocturnal, and fresh water. Equipment is showcaseed in detail, from wetsuits and masks to flippers and buoyancy aids. This eBook also include information about marine life, from tropical fish and manta rays to whales, dolphins and sharks.


The most comprehensive, fully illustrated cookbook on seafood and freshwater fish available, Seafood features all widely available fish and shellfish, explains how to prepare them, how to use them in recipes inspired by the world’s great cooking traditions, and the best way to cook them to bring out their flavor.
No other book photographs as many species of fish, has as many illustrated techniques, or explains as clearly the complex issues of ethical commercial fishing and buying responsibly. With more than 300 recipes and using readily available ingredients and quick, simple methods, Seafood will have a place on the bookshelf of any chef.

Eyewitness Companions

Whether you are interested in racing a small boat every weekend or cruising in a yacht once a year, Sailing is the perfect primer to tell you everything you need to know about setting sail.

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