dk publishing history of the world in 1 000 objects


History of the World in 1 000 Objects

DK uses its hallmark visual approach to weave the extraordinary legacy of our creativity into a unique view of world history. This incredible guide contains a rich treasure trove of human creativity from around the world and from early civilizations to the present day.

Each culture features sections on the following themes, as appropriate, focusing in on relevant objects as a lens for the culture. Topics include:
Technology and Innovation
Science and Medicine
In the Home
Trade and Transportation
Politics, Battle, and Conflict
Beliefs and Rituals
Clothing and Adornment
Leisure and Entertainment

Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Universe

This is the ultimate guided tour of our universe. From the fiery mass of the Sun’s core to the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, take off into the farthest limits of space and discover our universe. Explore the latest discoveries in astronomy, spectacular star charts and stunning images from space probes and telescopes. It offers a dazzling visual exploration of all the astonishing features and phenomena of space. It is an out-of-this-world reference for all the family. Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Universe is divided into three main sections.The INTRODUCTION is an overview of the basic concepts of astronomy. GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE looks, in turn, at the Solar System, the Milky Way (our home galaxy), and the regions of space that lie beyond. Finally, THE NIGHT SKY is a guide to the sky for the amateur skywatcher.


Covering creation, the cosmos, the sun and moon, supreme beings, floods, the natural world, fertility and birth, ancestor worship, forces of evil, divine weapons, war, spirits, love and happiness, tricksters, idols, mythical beasts, death, and the end of the world, this book leaves few stones unturned. Collected from museums worldwide, lavish photos of figurines, paintings, mosaics, masks, textiles, and other treasures display a veritable gallery of culture within these pages. Philip points out similarities of world myths and provides quite a bit of introductory information, though the sound-bite presentation that makes this series so popular cannot go into the detail that the subject deserves. There is no sense that any of the practices, such as shamanism, still exist, and the overall tone of the book is rather patriarchal. Report writers may glean a few facts, but will have to look further for more information or for the actual stories mentioned. The wealth of illustration far outweighs the literary value, but as a browsing tool, this is bound to be used.
This is an intriguing and captivating introduction to the culturally diverse world of mythology. Stunning photographs of masks, jewelry, and sculptures offer a unique eyewitness view of mythology and its gods, godesses, heroes, and monsters. See the world in a sealskin, Quetzalcoatl’s spectacular headdress, Native American love dolls, a fire-breathing dragon, African trickster Eshu, the one-eyed Cyclops, and much, much more!


Here is an original and exciting guide to the fascinating world of horses and ponies. Stunning, real-life photographs of horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, wild asses, and zebras offer a unique “eyewitness” view of these remarkable animals, their natural history and role in civilization. See an authentic Wells Fargo stagecoach, a 19th-century woman riding sidesaddle, a performing circus horse, and a real-life jousting tournament. Learn why horses flatten back their ears, how a blacksmith shoes a horse, how horses have been used in wartime, and how a horse’s teeth show its age. Discover why a zebra has stripes, which wild asses are now extinct, what a Roman horseshoe looked like, the difference between an English and a Western saddle, what makes horses race, and much, much more.


Be an eyewitness to how fossilized shells, bones, skulls, teeth, and plants paint a vivid picture of the dramatic and beautiful world that existed before modern man. See a shell with a precious coating. Find out which type of early human lived one million years ago. Discover similarities between ichthyosaurs and modern-day dolphins.
Here is an original and exciting new look at fossils – the remains of long-vanished animals and plants. Stunning real-life photographs of the spectacular remains of ancient lives offer a unique “eyewitness” view of what fossils are, how they were formed, and how they lived millions of years ago. See pearls that are 50 million years old, a dinosaur’s toe, a troublesome “snake” that was turned to stone, a fossilized human being, and a snail made of precious stones. Learn how fossils are formed, how trilobites have been preserved for 590 million years, where to look for a belemnite, and how fossils helped the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Discover which are the most precious fossils in the world, where ammonites lived, how big mammoths were, what a devil’s toenail looks like, and much, much more.

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