Encyclopedia of World Trade From Ancient Times .


Cynthia Clark Northrup and Jer
Encyclopedia of World Trade: From Ancient Times to the Present (4 Volumes Set)

Written for high school or beginning undergraduate students, this four-volume reference valiantly attempts to provide a historical framework for the perhaps overly broad concept of world trade. Entry topics were selected on trade organizations, influential people, commodities, events that affected trade, trade routes, navigation, religion, communic

Shahid Yusuf and Kaoru Nabeshi
Tiger Economies Under Threat: A Comparative Analysis of Malaysia’s Industrial Prospects and Policy Options

Southeast Asian tiger economies feel threatened by competition from other countries and worry that their growth momentum might be flagging. Even though their growth rates are above the average for the world and for developing countries, they fall short of yesterday s economic performance. The underlying worry is that they presage the beginning of a downward trend, the harbingers of which are lower rates of investment, persistently low rates of total factor productivity and low levels of innovativeness. The South East Asian tigers worries motivate three questions:

First, are the tigers rightly threatened by a creeping economic sclerosis or what some observers are calling the “middle income trap”? Second, if the threat is real, what are the underlying causes? Third, are there ways of neutralizing the problems and at least maintaining if not raising the growth rates of the recent past? This book tackles these questions by means of a comparative analysis of the Southeast Asian tiger economies, centered on Malaysia. This analysis draws upon a comprehensive set of techniques and indicators to assess competitive pressures, gauge industrial and technological capabilities and to indicate the directions of industrial change in Southeast Asia could take.

Gary E. Clayton
Economics: Principles & Practices

D. Greenaway
A Guide to Modern Economics

A Guide to Modern Economics is a comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the most important developments in economic theory and application over the last decade. Part I is a discussion of new and long-established terms in economic theory. Part II is a study of advances in applied economics and the importance of new technology in this respect.
With contributions from leading economists, including Robert Solow, Dennis Mueller, William Baumol and Clive Granger, this balanced discussion of new issues and techniques alongside more longstanding concerns is suitable for the specialist and non-specialist alike.
Previously published by Routledge as part of the Companion to Contemporary Economic Thought, these essays are made available here for the first time in a concise paperback edition.

Henry M. Paulson Jr
Dealing with China: An Insider Unmasks the New Economic Superpower

DEALING WITH CHINA takes the reader behind closed doors to witness the creation and evolution and future of China’s state-controlled capitalism.

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