A Kid’s Guide to the People and Places of America State-by-state Atlas

Arranged regionally to give readers an overview of the distinct areas of the country, the State-by-State Atlas creates a clear and easy to understand way of learning American geography and culture. Each state’s landscape, industry, agriculture, population, history, and folkways are explored in a vibrant information book children will want to use throughout their school age years.

This visually attractive guide to the states divides the nation into seven major regions. For each area, a short time line lists events as diverse as the Battle of Gettysburg and the completion of Mt. Rushmore. The spread for each state offers information on the bird, flower, tree, population, ranking in statehood, and land area. Two paragraphs of general description and history introduce the state, while additional bits of information in caption form are provided. A short profile of a historical figure or current celebrity is included, such as Madonna from Michigan and Susan B. Anthony from New York. Colorful maps, photos, and drawings alternate with the scattered text. As a supplemental source for state reports, this is an adequate work. Most online encyclopedias or state sites will provide more comprehensive information. School Library Journal

Divided by regions. Full color. Great pictures. Insets with state facts and color pictures of flower, bird, flag, and tree.

Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia, 7th Revised & Updated Edition

Specially revised in consultation with experts in each field, this updated and revised edition of the Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia brings this encyclopedia into a new era. With updated advances in technology, scientific breakthroughs, space missions and discoveries, map updates that show political, social, and ecological changes around the world, plus more than 5,000 safe Internet links, children and their parents now have a multimedia DK reference book for research, reports, homework help, and fun.

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