A Christmas Alphabet


Carolyn Wells Dal
A Christmas Alphabet

This book is an illustrated version of a rhymed alphabet made by Carolyn Wells in 1901. She felicitously finds something important about Christmas for each letter of the alphabet. Here is a sequence to give an idea of its flavor: “E is for Evergreens cut for the room / F is for Flowers of exquisite perfume / G is for Gifts that bring us delight / H is for Holly with red berries bright”.

Ann Braybrooks
Pooh has ears

Pooh has ears for hearing, and feet for walking, and little readers will learn by accident! Winnie the Pooh is a favorite of children, which helps. The graphics are bright and pretty and quite detailed, despite the small size of the book. As with all board books, the pages are nice and thick and not easily beaten by the handling they’ll get by young children.

Ellen Milnes
Pooh’s Early-to-Bed and Early-to-Rise Hum

The book is a rhyme that assures the reader that a bear who rises early, enjoys his day and doesn’t act too glum will know the love of many friends and be “healthy, and happy, besides.”

Thapar, Romila
Indian tales

The 16 stories in this collection of Indian heroes and heroines, their adventures, misfortunes and triumphs, of gods and demons and of animals, have been told to generations of children over the years.

Trudi Strain Trueit
Frogs and Toads

Identify specific frog and toad species. Explore their behavior, life cycle, mating habits, geographical location, anatomy, enemies, and defenses.

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