The Great Book of Riddles- 250 Magnificent Rid.


Peter Keyne
The Great Book of Riddles: 250 Magnificent Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Teasers

This family-sized compendium presents 250 of the greatest riddles and puzzles of all time.

There are classical logic puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, “who am I?” riddles, mathematical brain teasers, word ladders, ditloids, and a large selection of illustrated pen and paper, coins, cups, and toothpicks puzzles (please view the preview of this book for a full listing).

This is the first time a collection of such breadth has been compiled and formatted especially for Kindle devices. The puzzles have been carefully organized into 25 chapters, and each question is hyperlinked to its solution, to provide utmost ease of navigation. Alongside the world’s most famous riddles, are some lesser known gems, and some brand new puzzles, in print here for the first time.

Our aim was to create a definitive compendium of riddles and puzzles to bring enjoyment to people of all ages. We hope you will enjoy unraveling them as much as we enjoyed creating and editing them. Here are a handful of sample riddles:

Outside the Box Riddles:
You need to divide a round birthday cake into eight pieces, so each of your guests will have something to eat. How can you do this by making only three straight cuts with a knife, and without moving any of the pieces?

The king’s two bodyguards developed an ingenious method for assuring the king’s safety. With the king standing between them, they would face in opposite directions; one looking to the west and the other to the east, but at the same time, and without the use of any reflective surfaces, they would both be able to observe the king clearly. How was this possible?

Boris A. Kordemsky
The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations

This book has been a classic in the former Soviet Union since it was first published in 1956, and it remains just as entertaining today.
A master at making math fun for his high school students, Boris Kordemsky loaded this clever collection with a wide variety of math and logic related games and puzzles dealing with magic squares, tricky weights and measures, properties of numbers, mathematical tricks, and more.

Doris Corbett, Eileen Crowley Sullivan, John Cheffers
Unique Games and Sports Around the World: A Reference Guide

Study and play unique games and sports from around the world to understand different cultures.|One way to interest students about a culture and to help them understand it is to introduce them to the culture through one of its games. Games and sports are central to human cultures all around the world and they reflect various cultural preferences. This unique ready-reference collection describes and provides the rules for over 300 diverse games and sports from many different countries worldwide. Students and teachers can use this resource to discover the place of games in various cultures and to try playing the games from the cultures they are studying.||Emphasis is placed on rare and original games and sports, providing a unique perspective on countries from every continent. Each entry provides information on who typically plays the game in that culture, what the object of the game is, what the symbolism behind the game is, the equipment needed to play the game, and the rules for playing it. Those games that are appropriate for classroom replication are noted. Students will use this volume to enlighten their understanding of cultural diversity while having fun and educators will find new games to add to their lesson plans to keep their students’ interest levels high.

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