Rob Eastaway – David Wells
Mindbenders and Brainteasers: Where Maths Meets Creative Thinking

Here is an irresistible assortment of 100 maddening mindbenders and curious conundrums, old and new.

These brilliant brainteasers range from the neatly lateral to the downright perplexing. From chopping the chocolate to crossing the moat, mystifying matchsticks and a teasing typewriter, Mindbenders and Brainteasers provides many hours of mind-stretching enjoyment for even the most agile brains.

Will R. Raine
Riddle Me This – The Ultimate Collection Of Riddles & Brain Teasers

Thinking outside the box is a sought after skill in today’s fast paced and creative environment.

This collection of over 500 riddles and brainteasers will have you racking your brain for hours and hours on end. Lateral thinking is a must to solve these riddles! Do you think you’re clever enough to solve them? Better yet, challenge your friends and family to see who has the most creative thinking cap.

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