Cathy Collins Block PhD, Lori L. Rodgers MEd, Rebecca B. Johnson


Cathy Collins Block PhD, Lori L. Rodgers MEd, Rebecca B. Johnson
Comprehension Process Instruction: Creating Reading Success in Grades K-3 (Solving Problems in the Teaching of Literacy)

Filling a crucial gap in the literature, this immensely practical volume presents innovative tools for helping K-3 students significantly increase their ability to make meaning from texts. The focus is on teaching the comprehension processes employed by expert readers, using a carefully sequenced combination of whole-class activities, specially designed kinesthetic movements, metacognitive strategies, and independent reading. Teachers are taken step by step through implementing the authors’ research-based approach with diverse students, including English-language learners and children with special needs. Designed in a convenient, large-size format, the book features clear lesson plans and reproducible activities and visual aids, together with fiction and nonfiction book lists. An invaluable resource for helping teachers meet the mandates of No Child Left Behind, the volume is also ideal for use in preservice and inservice training. Every chapter concludes with thought-provoking exercises, activities, and discussion topics.

Егорова Т.В. (сост.)
Словарь иностранных слов современного русского языка

100 000 слов и выражений.

Настоящий словарь иностранных слов содержит около 100000 слов и выражений иноязычного происхождения. Издание является одним из самых полных и современных, перечень его слов значительно пополнился за счёт неологизмов, в большом количестве появившихся в русском языке за последние годы. В словарь вошла наиболее употребительная лексика, а также научные, технические, экономические термины. Для каждого слова даётся толкование, кроме того, приводятся примеры употребления.

Данный словарь иностранных слов поможет правильно использовать иноязычную лексику в речи, не допуская ошибок и неточностей. Книга рассчитана на широкий круг читателей, особенно полезна будет школьникам, студентам, преподавателям и специалистам в различных областях знаний.

Gavin Dudeney, Nicky Hockly
Learning English as a Foreign Language for Dummies

Do you know a bit of English, and want to improve without a teacher? Whether you’re a student, a traveller, or you just want to learn basic English, this plain-speaking guide will help you pick up the essentials so you’ll be understanding and speaking English in no time. Improve your grammar, speech, vocabulary and pronunciation at your own pace, and prepare yourself to get around in any English-speaking country comfortably – and without embarrassment!

Robert Hartwell Fiske
Robert Hartwell Fiske’s Dictionary of Unendurable English: A Compendium of Mistakes in Grammar, Usage, and Spelling with commentary on lexicographers and linguists

Today’s popular dictionaries often fail to define words correctly or to distinguish between them; some dictionaries even maintain that one word means the same as another simply because people who do not know the correct meanings of the words confuse them. Robert Hartwell Fiske’s Dictionary of Unendurable English — a supplement to whatever dictionary you own or use — is an attempt to combat this nonsense, to return meaning and distinction to the words we use.

Robert Hartwell Fiske rails against “laxicographers and ding-a-linguists” who, with their misguided thinking, actually promote the dissolution of the English language. He also illustrates why dictionaries don’t always provide the correct meaning or usage of a word. With concise instruction and numerous examples of misused words, Fiske makes it easier than ever to learn from others’ mistakes.

However curmudgeonly, Mr. Fiske betrays a bluff humanitarian spirit. … Fiske wants to save the English language. And he knows that he can count on little help. “Dictionaries have virtually no standards, offer scant guidance, and advance only misunderstanding.” His own flogging of Merriam-Webster’s is one of the many pleasures of this lovely, sour, virtuous book. — Wall Street Journal

Outi Bat-el
The Acquisition of Hebrew Phonology and Morphology

The joint enterprise between research in theoretical linguistics and the acquisition of phonology and morphology is the focus of this volume, which provides fresh data from Hebrew, evaluates old issues and addresses new ones. The volume includes articles on segmental phonology (vowel harmony and consonant harmony), prosodic phonology (the prosodic word, onsets and codas), and phonological errors in spelling. It attempts to bridge the gap between phonology and morphology with articles on the development of filler syllables and the effect of phonology on the development of verb inflection. It also addresses morphology, as well as the development of morphological specification and the assignment of gender in L2 Hebrew. The data are drawn from typically and atypically developing children, using longitudinal and cross-sectional experimental methods.

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