A Reference Grammar of Russian


Alan Timberlake
A Reference Grammar of Russian

This textbook describes and systematizes all aspects of the grammar of Russian–including patterns of orthography, sounds, inflection, syntax, tense-aspect-mood, word order, and intonation. It is especially concerned with the meaning of combinations of words (constructions) and the core concept is that of the predicate history (a record of the states of entities through time and across possibilities). Using predicate histories, the book presents an integrated account of the semantics of verbs, nouns, case, and aspect. It will appeal to students, scholars and language professionals interested in Russian.

Terence Wade, David Gillespie
A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, 3 Edition

The third edition of Terence Wade’s A Comprehensive Russian Grammar, newly updated and revised, offers the definitive guide to current Russian usage.
Provides the most complete, accurate and authoritative English language reference grammar of Russian available on the market
Includes up-to-date material from a wide range of literary and non-literary sources, including Russian government websites
Features a comprehensive approach to grammar exposition
Retains the accessible yet comprehensive coverage of the previous edition while adding updated examples and illustrations, as well as insights into several new developments in Russian language usage since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991

Sarah Smyth, Elena V. Crosbie
“RUS’: A Comprehensive Course in Russian

This comprehensive foundation course offers a highly interactive approach to learning Russian. Designed for beginners, it covers all the material required to reach intermediate level either at high school or during the first year of university. The course provides:
• Thorough grounding in the grammar and structures of contemporary Russian
• Wide-ranging activities and exercises for both classroom use and self study
• Informative texts selected to foster cultural awareness
• Lively illustrations to reinforce learning
• Extensive reference features including a section on basic concepts of grammar
• Teachers’ guidelines
• Cassettes and on-line answer key

“The central objective of the RUS’ course is communication. It assists in the development of all language skills…all within up-to-date settings and contexts. One of its most prominent features is its emphasis on cultural awareness…RUS’ strongly contributes to the development of students’autonomy as learners. The great advantage of the course is that the reference tools and the study resources are easily accessible…Finally, one should say that one of the best features of the RUS’ course is that it does not need to be supplemented by any other language resources–it is a course that has been designed to make the study of the Russian language an enjoyable and enriching experience.” Times Higher Education Supplement

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