Spanish for Beginners


Angela Wilkes, John Shackell
Spanish for Beginners

This title deals with everyday situations in which children may find themselves while abroad. Spanish grammar is clearly explained, and puzzles provide plenty of practice. This title is part of a series providing a thorough grounding in useful, basic language skills.

Barbara Bregstein
Easy Spanish Step-By-Step

A proven grammar-based approach that gets you communicating in Spanish with confidence, right away

Easy Spanish Step by Step proves that a solid grounding in grammar basics is the key to mastering a second language. Grammatical rules and concepts are clearly explained in order of importance, and more than 300 verbs and key terms are introduced on the basis of frequency. Numerous exercises and engaging readings help learners quickly build their Spanish speaking and comprehension prowess.

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  1. Ignacio Almandoz
    Ignacio Almandoz

    if you want to learn Spanish and you speak Russian, please send me a message. We can team up and help each other ( I am learning Russian and Spanish is my first language)

  2. Carla Boy
    Carla Boy

    File Not found (error).please send me new link download.

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