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William F. Harrison, Dorothy Winters Welker
Spanish Memory Book: A New Approach to Vocabulary Building, Junior Edition

Mnemonics is an age-old technique for remembering names, numbers, and many other things. In Spanish Memory Book, Junior Edition, William Harrison and Dorothy Welker offer onginal mnemonic rimes appropriate in subject matter and skill level for junior high and high school students to help them acquire and remember Spanish vocabulary.

Included are mnemonic jingles for several hundred of the 2,000 most commonly used Spanish words. Each jingle contains both the sound of the Spanish word and its English meaning. The authors have also included a general pronunciation guide to Spanish vowels and consonants.

This innovative approach, which the authors have used successfully with their own students, is simple, effective, and entertaining. In the words of one student, “This book teaches me not only Spanish words but English words as well.”

Compact Diccionario Inglés: Español-Ingles – English-Spanish

Más de 80.000 palabras y expresiones y 115.000 traducciones. Amplia cobertura del lenguaje administrativo, de la actualidad, de los negocios y del turismo.

Tratamiento exhaustivo de las palabras más frecuentes en ambas lenguas: have, get, in, haber, por, todo…

Artículos especiales sobre diversos aspectos de la cultura de los países de habla inglesa: BBC, Bums Night, Commonwealth, high school, pantomime, Thanksgiving…

Clara diferenciación de acepciones y registros estilísticos, que facilita en todo momento la elección de la traducción más adecuada

El compañero de viaje ideal, tanto para el estudiante de instituto como el universitario y para el mundo de los negocios.

Idioma: Español/Inglés – Inglés/Español

Diccionario combinatorio práctico del español contemporáneo / Dictionary Combinatorial of Contemporary Spanish

Dirigido por Ignacio Bosque, catedrático y miembro de la Real Academia Española. Bajo sus más de 14 000 entradas se encuentra el secreto mejor guardado de la comunicación. Ofrece un sinfín de pistas para aprender a usar el léxico y a reflexionar sobre él. Dirigido a todos los que quieren y necesitan usar el idioma con corrección, fluidez y precisión.
> Ofrece las 400 000 combinaciones más comunes del español. > Ayuda a utilizar con precisión palabras como caballar, ecuestre, equino o hípico, que se combinan de distinta forma aunque significan lo mismo: decimos la cría caballar, una estatua ecuestre, la peste equina y un concurso hípico (pero no decimos una estatua caballar o la peste hípica).
> Es una herramienta que ayuda a encontrar la palabra justa y precisa, y usar así el idioma con naturalidad; para no repetir siempre los mismos términos; para ampliar sin esfuerzo nuestro vocabulario, y para entender mejor el idioma y disfrutar de su riqueza y variedad.
Para aquellos que buscan una comunicación con éxito.

Dale April Koike, Lidia Rodriguez-Alfano
Dialogue in Spanish: Studies in functions and contexts

Dialogue in Spanish provides a strong theoretical and empirical foundation for the study of dialogue. This edited collection of twelve original studies contributes to a broad comprehension of dialogue in two general contexts: personal interactions among friends and family; and public speech, such as political debates, medical interviews, court translations and service encounters. The studies, written by authors from Canada, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, the United States and Venezuela, present an in-depth look at issues and elements of dialogue such as irony, narrativity, discourse markers, coherence, conflict and expectations. Background research on dialogue grounds the articles in such areas as discourse analysis, pragmatics, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and linguistics. The book will prove useful to those who study conversational interaction, pragmatics, and discourse analysis as applied to various functions and contexts, and it will be of particular interest to researchers and students of linguistics, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, communications and education.

Christopher Kendris and Theodore Kendris
501 Spanish Verbs, 7 edition

The world’s bestselling Spanish verbs reference book has just gotten better! The authors focus directly on a command of Spanish verbs–and fluency in Spanish starts with knowledge of verbs. This new seventh edition shows students and travelers exactly how to use the 501 most common and useful Spanish verbs in all 15 tenses and moods. Each verb is alphabetically listed in easy-to-follow chart form, one verb per page with its English translation. Enclosed with the book are two discs, a CD-ROM with language-learning aids, and an audio CD that reviews the formation and usage of Spanish verb forms.

New features include—
• Formation and usage of Spanish verb tenses and moods summarized as they relate to their English equivalents
• The 55 most essential Spanish verbs used in context
• Another 2,200 regular verbs conjugated like the book’s 501 model verbs
• Verbs in idiomatic phrases
• Passive and active voice formations
• Sentences demonstrating Spanish verb usage in all tenses
• Exercises in Spanish verb usage with answers
• Appendixes covering impersonal verbs, weather expressions, and English-Spanish verb index . . .and more

501 Spanish Verbs plus software–the best language learning program of its kind!

It’s a must have for language classes, a self-teaching guide for international travelers, and a handy reference volume for translators. In addition to the 501 verb tables the book with software includes a wealth of additional features to help students develop a truly comprehensive command of Spanish for speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension. There’s a reason other publishers imitate Barron’s 501 Spanish Verbs. After almost 50 years on the market, Barron’s verb books are still the best. Choose the original!

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