Venzo de Sabbata
Geometric Algebra and Applications to Physics

Bringing geometric algebra to the mainstream of physics pedagogy, Geometric Algebra and Applications to Physics not only presents geometric algebra as a discipline within mathematical physics, but the book also shows how geometric algebra can be applied to numerous fundamental problems in physics, especially in experimental situations.

R. Shankar – Basic Training in Mathematics
A Fitness Program for Science Students

Based on course material used by the author at Yale University, this practical text addresses the widening gap found between the mathematics required for upper-level courses in the physical sciences and the knowledge of incoming students. This superb book offers students an excellent opportunity to strengthen their mathematical skills by solving various problems in differential calculus. By covering material in its simplest form, students can look forward to a smooth entry into any course in the physical sciences.

Jurgen Jost
Postmodern Analysis (Universitext)

An introduction to advanced analysis, this textbook blends modern presentation with concrete examples and applications – especially in the areas of calculus of variations and partial differential equations. The text tries to impart a working knowledge of the key methods of contemporary analysis, particularly those relevant for application in physics. Banach space, Lebesgue integration theory and Sobolev space theory are all discussed.

Michael Dummett
Elements of Intuitionism (2nd edition)

This is a long-awaited new edition of one of the best known Oxford Logic Guides. The book gives an informal but thorough introduction to intuitionistic mathematics, leading the reader gently through the fundamental mathematical and philosophical concepts. The treatment of various topics has been completely revised for this second edition. Brouwer’s proof of the Bar Theorem has been reworked, the account of valuation systems simplified, and the treatment of generalized Beth Trees and the completeness of intuitionistic first-order logic rewritten. Readers are assumed to have some knowledge of classical formal logic and a general awareness of the history of intuitionism. From reviews of the first edition: This excellent book can be recommended to the student of mathematics or philosophy wishing to get a comprehensive and reliable introduction to modern intuitionism.

Andrey Sarychev, Albert Shiryaev, Manuel Guerra
Mathematical Control Theory and Finance

This book highlights recent developments in mathematical control theory and its applications to finance. It presents a collection of original contributions by distinguished scholars, addressing a large spectrum of problems and techniques. Control theory provides a large set of theoretical and computational tools with applications in a wide range of fields, ranging from “pure” areas of mathematics up to applied sciences like finance. Stochastic optimal control is a well established and important tool of mathematical finance. Other branches of control theory have found comparatively less applications to financial problems, but the exchange of ideas and methods has intensified in recent years. This volume should contribute to establish bridges between these separate fields. The diversity of topics covered as well as the large array of techniques and ideas brought in to obtain the results make this volume a valuable resource for advanced students and researchers.

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