Viruses, Plagues, and History


Michael B. A. Oldstone
Viruses, Plagues, and History: Past, Present and Future

The story of viruses and humanity is a story of fear and ignorance, of grief and heartbreak, and of great bravery and sacrifice. Michael Oldstone tells all these stories as he illuminates the history of the devastating diseases that have tormented humanity, focusing mostly on the most famous viruses.
Oldstone begins with smallpox, polio, and measles. Nearly 300 million people were killed by smallpox in this century alone and the author presents a vivid account of the long campaign to eradicate this lethal killer. Oldstone then describes the fascinating viruses that have captured headlines in more recent years: Ebola, Hantavirus, mad cow disease (a frightening illness made worse by government mishandling and secrecy), and, of course, AIDS. And he tells us of the many scientists watching and waiting even now for the next great plague, monitoring influenza strains to see whether the deadly variant from 1918—a viral strain that killed over 20 million people in 1918-1919—will make a comeback. For this revised edition, Oldstone includes discussions of new viruses like SARS, bird flu, virally caused cancers, chronic wasting disease, and West Nile, and fully updates the original text with new findings on particular viruses.
Viruses, Plagues, and History paints a sweeping portrait of humanity’s long-standing conflict with our unseen viral enemies. Oldstone’s book is a vivid history of a fascinating field, and a highly reliable dispatch from an eminent researcher on the front line of this ongoing campaign.

Andrew Del Gaizo
The Foreign Body: A Collection Of The Most Interesting X-rays Of Things

With x-rays and accounts of true cases, radiologist Andrew Del Gaizo introduces the public to the “foreign body”, a term well known in the medical community for objects in locations where they don’t belong. Whether you are a seasoned physician or have no ties to the medical profession, the text is written in a manner that everyone can enjoy… and gasp in disbelief! “How could he possibly swallow those?” “She fit that in there?” “How will the doctors remove that!?” The answers are inside… The book focuses on interesting x-rays of foreign bodies that brought patients to emergency rooms and is written without complex medical terminology so that everyone can benefit from it. X-rays are shown as “unknowns” to let the reader guess what the foreign body is. Occasionally, a clue is provided to get started. But, as a picture is worth a thousand words, often the image does the talking! On the next page, the foreign body is explained, along with how it got there. Often why it’s there is as interesting as the image itself. Of course, all patient identifying information has been removed or changed to protect patient privacy and anonymity. The x-rays are broken down into 3 categories. Category 1: Ingested or Inhaled The mouth innocuously enough accepts foreign bodies. Unfortunately, there are tight areas within the gastrointestinal tract where these items can get stuck. Furthermore, some objects (such as sharp items or certain types of batteries) can be dangerous or toxic if not retrieved. Category 2: Introduced Welcome to the gun and knife show. Whether inadvertently caused by the patient or inflicted by someone else intending harm to the patient, x-rays play an important role in characterizing and localizing the weapons used. In addition to their medical relevance, these x-rays often end up in forensics, delineating the type and trajectory of the weapon involved. Category 3: Inserted Last but not least…the XXX-rays. Technically, these foreign bodies can be classified as introduced. However, given the “unique” circumstances under which many of these cases present, they deserve a category of their own.

Michael Rafii, Thomas Cochrane
First Aid for the Neurology Boards, 2nd Edition


Apply the proven First Aid formula for exam success!
High-yield summaries of thousands of must-know neurology and psychiatry topics for the neurology boards and in-in training exam
Hundreds of tables, diagrams, and illustrations simplify learning and memorization
Key Facts in the margins pinpoint “must know” information for the boards
Mnemonics and clinical pearls make memorization fun and effective
Integrated mini-cases highlight frequently tested scenarios and classic patient presentations
Proven test-taking strategies for excelling on the ABPN exam
Written by recent test taker and reviewed by faculty to assure the most up-to-date and relevant material possible

Fabrizio Benedetti
Placebo Effects

The first book to describe the effects of the placebo across all medical conditions, helping the reader to understand where, when, how placebo effects occur
Contains about 60 figures – showing the brain mechanisms of placebo and placebo-related effects
Each chapter contains a summary and key learning points, including suggestions for further discussion, making the book useful for teaching
Includes a chapter is about complex experimental designs in placebo research, and how to run a placebo study, helping those who wish to start their own research into this effect

Burton’s Microbiology for the Health Sciences, 10th Edition

Prepare your students for success in their future careers with Burton’s Microbiology for the Health Sciences, 10e. Featuring a clear and friendly writing style that emphasizes the relevance of microbiology to a career in the health professions, the Tenth Edition offers a dramatically updated art program, new case studies that provide a real-life context for the content, the latest information on bacterial pathogens, an unsurpassed array of online teaching and learning resources, and much more.

To ensure content mastery, this market-leading book for the one-semester course clarifies concepts, defines key terms, and is packed with in-text learning tools that make the content inviting and easy to understand. The Tenth Edition provides a wide range of online teaching and learning resources to save you time and help your students succeed.

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