Master European Paintings From the National Gallery of Ireland Mantegna to Goya

MASTER EUROPEAN PAINTINGS FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF IRELAND presents a selection of forty-four pictures by artists ranging from Mantegna to Goya. Ireland’s history and literature are well known to many Americans, but the extraordinary collections of her National Gallery have been experienced by relatively few. The exhibition, of which this publication is the accompanying catalogue, includes splendid works by great masters like Claude, David, Hobbema, Poussin, Reynolds, Ruisdael and Velazquez along with important pictures bv lesser known masters such as Drost, Duyster, Faber, Mvtens, Schalcken and Weenix. These paintings, sumptuously illustrated in this full-colour catalogue, will both surprise and delight, and will lead to an appreciation of the range and quality of the collections from the National Gallery of Ireland.

Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Ireland

Gratitude must be the first word when one National Gallery permits another to play host for a few weeks to some of its masterpieces. We in London are profoundly grateful to our colleagues in Dublin — to, above all, Homan Potterton, the Director of the National Gallery of Ireland, and to the Board of Governors and Guardians — for allowing us to borrow and display a notable group of their paintings, ranging widely in school and period but united by quality. The exhibition brings to Trafalgar Square work by several fine artists not represented in our permanent Collection — among them, Castiglione, Bellotto, Frans Post, Gerard and Nolde — and some outstanding examples by famous figures like El Greco, Titian and Poussin, which extend significantly our own holdings of their art. So much for the immediate and narrow view of this exhibition. For those who cannot visit, or have not bothered to visit, the National Gallery in Merrion Square, a choice selection has been brought to London for their delectation. But it is very much a selection, governed by reasons of conservation and space, as well as taste; and my strongest hope is that it will serve to stimulate appetite and appreciation and that more people will be encouraged to visit Dublin and the National Gallery of Ireland, to discover the full range of a great — and growing — collection. They will also discover, incidentally, a city of beautiful architecture.

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