Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett
Principles of Physics: A Calculus-Based Text, 5th Edition

PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS features a concise approach to traditional topics, an early introduction to modern physics, and integration of physics education research pedagogy, as well as the inclusion of contemporary topics throughout the text. This revision of PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS also contains a new worked example format, two new Contexts features, a revised problem set based on an analysis of problem usage data from WebAssign, and a thorough revision of every piece of line art in the text.

Chris Hamper
Higher Level Physics Developed Specifically for the IB Diploma

Providing complete coverage of the latest syllabus requirements and all the HL options, this book is written by a highly experienced IB Physics teacher and workshop leader
Written by a highly experienced IB author, Chris Hamper, you can be confident that you and your students have all the resources you will need for the new Physics curriculum. Features: Nature of Science and TOK boxes throughout the text ensure an embedding of these core considerations and promote concept-based learning. Applications of the subject through everyday examples are described in utilization boxes, as well as brief descriptions of related industries, to help highlight the relevance and context of what is being learned. Differentiation is offered in the Challenge Yourself exercises and activities, along with guidance and support for laboratory work on the page and online. Exam-style assessment opportunities are provided from real past papers, along with hints for success in the exams, and guidance on avoiding common pitfalls. Clear links are made to the Learner profile and the IB core values. Register your interest in the new Biology textbook here and we will send you an online sample of the ENTIRE student textbook in June. Table of Contents: Measurements and Uncertainties Mechanics Thermal Physics Oscillations and Waves Electricity and Magnetism Circular Motion and Gravitation Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics Energy Production Wave Phenomena Fields Electromagnetic Induction Quantum and Nuclear Physics Option A: Relativity Option B: Engineering Physics Option C: Imaging Option D: Astrophysics

Paul Davies
The New Physics First Edition Edition

Huw Price
Time’s Arrow and Archimedes’ Point: New Directions for the Physics of Time

splendidly provocative enjoy it as a feast for the imagination.’
John Gribbin, Sunday Times

Why is the future so different from the past? Why does the past affect the future and not the other way round? The universe began with the Big Bang – will it end with a ‘Big Crunch’? This exciting book presents an innovative and controversial view of time and contemporary physics. Price urges physicists, philosophers, and anyone who has ever pondered the paradoxes of time to look at the world from a fresh perspective and he throws fascinating new light on some of the great mysteries of the universe.

`a significant contribution, remarkable for its scope written with great clarity and conviction.’
Ilya Prigogine, THES

`a useful addition to the literature on time, particularly as it reveals the influence of modern science on the way a philosopher thinks.’
Peter Coveney, New Scientist

`the author has done physicists a great service in laying out so clearly and critically the nature of the various time-asymmetry problems of physics.’
John Barrow, Nature

`a thoughtful (and thought-provoking) analysis of the time-asymmetry problem of physics which is in many ways deeper and more illuminating than accounts to be found elsewhere.’
Roger Penrose

`Huw Price is one of a handful of philosophers with a thorough grasp of the notorious arrow of time problem Price applies critical reasoning and penetrating insight to the current theories of physics and cosmology that have a bearing on this problem. Among the many ideas discussed here is the controversial claim that time’s arrow would reverse in a recontracting universe.’
Paul Davies

Mark Heald
The Physics of Waves

Ideal as a classroom text or for individual study, this unique one-volume overview of classical wave theory covers wave phenomena of acoustics, optics, electromagnetic radiations, and more. Topics include fundamentals, Bessel functions, waveguides, elasticity theory, hydrodynamic waves, and special phenomenon of wave diffraction. With problems.

László Holics
300 Creative Physics Problems with Solutions

This collection of exercises, compiled for talented high school students, encourages creativity and a deeper understanding of ideas when solving physics problems. Described as ‘far beyond high-school level’, this book grew out of the idea that teaching should not aim for the merely routine, but challenge pupils and stretch their ability through creativity and thorough comprehension of ideas.

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