Diana R. Jenkins
All Year Long!: Funny Readers Theatre for Life’s Special Times

This reader’s theatre compilation of contemporary, humorous plays that deal with the problems middle-school students face is similar to the author’s previous Teacher Ideas Press title, Just Deal With It! The plays in All Year Long! are themed to fit special times of year such as the beginning of school, holidays, and spring vacation and address problems experienced by this age group—peer pressure, fear of failure, jealousy, and more. Each reproducible play offers at least eight roles (boys and girls). Each includes a plot summary, prop list, and costume and presentation ideas, as well as ideas for further student reading on the topic or theme. This engaging collection (which can be adapted to small group or whole class presentations) will be useful to teachers and librarians who are looking for fun things to do with kids to promote reading fluency and discussion.

Suzanne I. Barchers, Charla R Pfeffinger
Multi-Grade Readers Theatre: Picture Book Authors and Illustrators

This volume contains 36 readers theater scripts relating to the lives of picture book authors, poets, and illustrators to help students become better readers. It has a script for each week of the school year, on individuals such as Margaret Wise Brown, Bill Peet, James Marshall, Bill Martin Jr., Beatrix Potter, Stan Berenstain, Shel Silverstein, and Tasha Tudor. The reproducible scripts, which are meant to take up a 30-minute class period, are aimed at different reading levels; half are for grades one to three and the other half are for grades two to four. They contain core vocabulary words, background information, presentation suggestions, and discussion questions, and include a large number of reading parts.

Suzanne I. Barchers, Charla R Pfeffinger
Getting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre

Getting Ready to Read with Readers Theatre contains fifty, reproducible scripts to entice the preschool and kindergarten group into beginning to read. These patterned scripts based on nursery rhymes, poetry and other fun things to read are grouped into traditional preschool and kindergarten curricular groupings. Reading level based on the Flesch-Kincaid scale will be 0.0. Kids will learn to read by hearing and repeating and seeing the patterns. The authors will include information about props, staging and how to introduce the concept of reading together to these very young children.

Anthony D. Fredericks
Fairy Tales Readers Theatre

Now there is a way to bring the magic of some of the world’s most timeless stories into your classroom or library. Created by acclaimed author Anthony Fredericks, Fairy Tales Readers Theatre presents a dynamic compendium of exciting tales—and some slightly irreverent variations thereof—in a format guaranteed to excite, amuse, and delight every youngster.

In Fairy Tales Readers Theatre, stories become scripts, with students playing the parts of Rapunzel, Rumplestiltskin, Cinderella, the Three Billy Goats Gruff, and more. This format encourages students to take an active role in their own language arts development while enhancing overall fluency. For teachers and librarians, Fredericks offers a wealth of suggestions and strategies for engaging students in the dynamics of literacy acquisition through the allure of readers theatre.

Suzanne I. Barchers, Michael Ruscoe
Against All Odds – Readers Theatre for Grades 3-8

This book of readers theatre scripts for low-achieving middle grade readers is meant to inspire. Written at readability levels of grades 2 and 3, students who struggle with reading will enjoy learning about the lives of people both current (Bob Woodruff) and historical (Franklin Roosevelt) who are inspirational because of their perseverance and ability to overcome adversity in their daily lives. By reading, performing, and discussing these plays about people who possess the important character trait of perseverance, students will not only practice their oral reading skills, thus building the important skill of fluency, they will also build their own models for good character. Grades 3-8. Readability Levels: Grades 2-3.

Anthony D. Fredericks
Nonfiction Readers Theatre for Beginning Readers

Teachers and librarians are continually looking for an interesting, fun way to input content knowledge to build that background information which will help push up student expository reading scores. Nonfiction readers theatre is one way to accomplish this. Professor Fredericks offers 30 short nonfiction readers theatre plays for the young reader (grades 1-3) on topics ranging from earth and natural science to community helpers, holidays, and government.

Test scores across the country show American students are far more able to read narrative than nonfiction text. Some research speculates this is due to a great lack in the background knowledge of many children. Librarians are beginning to realize that a unique fit for the school librarian is as a provider of background knowledge materials for teachers to use.

Anthony D. Fredericks
More Tadpole Tales and Other Totally Terrific Treats for Readers Theatre

Readers theatre continues to be popular with teachers and librarians endeavoring to enhance reading fluency. Humorous scripts are particularly in demand. In MORE Tadpole Tales and Other Totally Terrific Treats for Readers Theatre, bestselling author Tony Fredericks presents all-new scripts based on fractured fairy and folk tales.

Building on the delightful and wildly humorous stories of his Tadpole Tales and Other Totally Terrific Treats for Readers Theatre, Fredericks offers more than two dozen reproducible, satirical, and downright funny scripts that will reinvigorate and reenergize the elementary language arts curriculum. Specifically targeted at beginning readers, his sidesplitting send-ups and wacky, fractured tales are guaranteed to bring snickers, chuckles, and belly laughs into any classroom, get everyone involved in production—and motivate kids to love reading.

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