CHough JCorbett Beginning Old English 2007


Carole Hough & John Corbett
Beginning Old English

This is a simple introduction to Old English for students with little or no linguistic knowledge. Unlike other textbooks on the subject, Beginning Old English focuses on the explanation and illustration of how the language works, using accessible illustrations from simplified Old English texts and demonstrating how many feature of present-day English have their roots in this stage of the language. It also includes long extracts from popular Old English works for use in the classroom.

Sarah J. Purcell
The Early National Period

This volume in the acclaimed Eyewitness History series covers the period 1783 to 1828, picking up after the conclusion of the American Revolution and continuing up to the years when America was expanding westward.

Zhengming Du
The Chinese Language Demystified

The Chinese Language Demystified offers a detailed exploration of the features that have made Mandarin Chinese so unique among the major languages of the world, particularly English and other European linguistic forms of communication. While discussing the aspects that contribute to the perception of the language as somewhat mysterious, the book also investigates how it is comprehended and used by the Chinese people despite its lack of formal grammatical structure in the conventional terms of understanding.

A. E. Backhouse
Using Japanese Synonyms

Being a successful speaker of a given language involves control of the meaning and use of vocabulary items, taking in their lexical content (what phenomena they refer to), combinatorial behaviour (what items they occur with) and situational characteristics (e.g. as colloquial or formal terms). This essential reference book provides clear information on these aspects for around three hundred groups of Japanese near-synonyms, supplemented by a wide range of authentic examples. The result is a clear profile of the meaning and use of each item, highlighting similarities and distinctions among neighbouring terms and expanding learners’ lexical range. The book is designed primarily for English-speaking learners, and the selection of groups and items and the overall treatment adopted reflects the author’s extensive experience in teaching Japanese to English speakers. Japanese forms and examples appear in both romanisation and Japanese orthography, and the bilingual indexes allow readers to locate synonyms quickly and easily.

Patrick West
Poverty of Multiculturalism

The doctrine of multi-culturalism threatens the values of the Enlightenment, such as liberty, colour-blindness and equality of opportunity.

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