S.D. Sharma
A Text Book Of Professional Communication Skills and ESP for Engineers and Professionals

A Text Book Of Professional Communication Skills and ESP is basically written for Engineers and Professionals who are genuinely desirous of improving upon their communication skills.

Kevin Shopland, Jobbágy Ilona
General Communications Skills and Exercises

The book contains 24 topics you can come across at a language exam. It was written originally for Hungarian learners but can be used internationally as well because the tasks are in English.

questions to talk about
vocabulary extension

Henk T. Van der Molen and Yvonne. H. Gramsbergen-Hoogland
Communication in Organizations: Basic Skills and Conversation Models

One of the most important requirements of leadership is effective communication. The idea that some people are natural leaders and that others will never learn to show good leadership is nowadays outdated. It has been replaced by the conviction that leadership and communication skills can be learnt.

Providing a thorough introduction to skilled interpersonal communication, Communication in Organizations consists of three parts. Part I introduces basic communication skills, and makes a distinction between regulating skills, listening skills and sender skills. Part II considers a number of different dialogues: the interview used to gather information, the selection interview, the employment interview, the performance evaluation interview, the personal problems interview, handling complaints, breaking bad news, and the sales interview. Part III is dedicated to conversations in more complex group situations, discussing decision making, conflict management, negotiations, and giving presentations.

Listen to Me, Listen to You: A Step-by-step Guide to Communication Skills Training

This step-by-step guide is a companion to the popular Listen to Me, Listen to You: A Practical Guide to Self-awareness, Communication Skills and Conflict Management. It is designed for use by anyone working in communication skills and personal development training. Resource material is grouped under major headings: Orientation; Self-esteem; Self-awareness and self-knowledge; Effective listening; Self-assertion; Managing conflict collaboratively; Reflection and closure.

Susan Lowe
Business English Language Practice: Grammar and Vocabulary (DELTA Business Communication Skills)

This book aims to help learners of business English to develop the vocabulary and grammar needed to participate in business effectively. The content and examples are up-to-date and very relevant to anyone working or planning to work internationally. The book is designed for students at pre-intermediate or intermediate level of English and can be used in class or for self-study.

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