Delphi Complete Works of Mark Twain- 9 edition..

Delphi Complete Works of Mark Twain, 9 edition

* ALL 12 novels, annotated with concise introductions and featuring individual contents tables
* boasts many images relating to Twain’s life and works
* illustrated with images of how the books first appeared, giving your Kindle a taste of the original texts
* includes Twain’s rare unfinished novel “The Mysterious Stranger”, often missed out of collections
* ALL of the short stories, with quality formatting
* the short stories have their own chronological and alphabetical contents tables – find that special story easily!
* Twain’s 20 short story contributions to “The Library of Humor”, with their own contents table
* even INCLUDES Twain’s complete letters, essays and satires – with their own special contents tables
* ALL of the travel writing, with contents tables
* includes Twain’s “Chapters from My Autobiography”
* SPECIAL BONUS texts, including three contemporary Twain biographies – explore the great man’s amazing life in Paine’s and Howells’ famous biographies!
* scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres
* UPDATED with a special literary criticism section, with various works exploring Twain’s contribution to literature
* UPDATED with Archibald Henderson’s critical study MARK TWAIN
* UPDATED with the complete speeches

This is the COMPLETE WORKS of America’s favourite storyteller Mark Twain. The eBook contains every novel, short story – even the very rare ones – essay, travel book, non-fiction text, letter and much, much more! (Current version: 2)

The eBook also includes a front no-nonsense table of contents to allow easy navigation around Twain’s immense oeuvre. Welcome to hours upon hours upon hours of reading one of literature’s most famous storytellers!

Please note: we aim to provide the most comprehensive author collections available to Kindle readers. Sadly, it’s not always possible to guarantee an absolutely ‘complete’ works, due to copyright restrictions or the scarcity of minor works. However, we do ensure our customers that every possible major text and a wealth of other material are included. We are dedicated to developing and enhancing our eBooks, which are available as free updates for customers who have already purchased them.

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