John Henry Parker
A Concise Dictionary of Architectural Terms

First published in 1846, this illustrated dictionary of architecture was so successful that the author revised it several times. It remains one of the best guides to hundreds of terms used in Greek, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance architecture. “A relevant and practical aide.” — Clem Labine’s Traditional Building.

Mark Grossman
World Military Leaders: A Biographical Dictionary

Spanning the years from the beginning of recorded history to the modern day. “”World Military Leaders: A Biographical Dictionary”” profiles the influential military leaders whose actions precipitated enormous change in the world around them.

A Biographical Dictionary of the Qin, Former Han and Xin Periods

This is a unique and conclusive reference work about the 6,000 individual men and women known to us from China s formative first empires. Over decennia Michael Loewe (Cambridge, UK) has painstakingly collected all biographical information available. Not only those are dealt with who set the literary forms and intellectual background of traditional China, such as writers, scholars, historians and philosophers, but also those officials who administered the empire, and the military leaders who fought in civil warfare or with China s neighbours. The work draws on primary historical sources as interpreted by Chinese, Japanese and Western scholars and as supplemented by archaeological finds and inscriptions. By devoting extensive entries to each of the emperors the author provides the reader with the necessary historical context and gives insight into the dynastic disputes and their far-reaching consequences. No comparable work exists for this important period of Chinese history. Without exaggeration a real must for historians of both China and other cultures.”

John Daintith
Dictionary of Evolutionary Biology

Robert Hendrickson
The Facts on File Dictionary of American Regionalisms

Includes over 11,000 entries for regional expressions, with definitions and examples of usage, from such areas as New England, Appalachia, the Ozarks, New York, Gullah, the South, and the West.

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