The Cook’s Book of Ingredients

Perfect for home cooks, keen to ensure they choose the very best and get the best results. Learn how to buy, store, prepare, cook, preserve and eat over 2,500 ingredients. Plus you’ll learn about the best seasonal ingredients and discover complementary flavour pairings.

Over 250 classic recipes from making pesto to fruity jams, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions that you’ll love making again and again.

The Illustrated Kitchen Bible

A comprehensive kitchen resource of over 1,000 delicious, achievable, and international recipes, with sumptuous photography, precise text, and innovative ideas, now with a refreshed new look.

Take the stress out of the choosing, shopping, organizing, and preparation of food with the help of The Illustrated Kitchen Bible. Choose from 1,000 tantalizing starter, main dish, and dessert recipes from around the world, as photographs of the finished dishes inspire you.

To help you make the right choice for your needs, whether you are short on time, have to prepare a dish and freeze it for later.

Yan-Kit’s Classic Chinese Cookbook

Learn to cook traditional Chinese food with this extensive collection of authentic Chinese recipes from Chinese cookery expert Yan-kit So. Dim-sum, dumplings, Cantonese food — you name it — this classic book has every recipe and cooking method you need to prepare delicious, authentic Chinese food.

With thirty years as a favorite in home kitchens everywhere, Yan-Kit’s Classic Chinese Cookbook is a staple for cooking traditional Chinese food. Now this bestselling cookbook is reborn with wonderful photography that makes cooking Chinese food recipes understandable and simple.

The cook’s book

Marcus Wareing
Knife Skills: In the kitchen: Practical Guide, Learn Lifelong Skills

An excellent resource for the home cook, this book is well designed and executed. It covers preparation for cooking vegetables, fish and shellfish, meat poultry and game. And it addresses carving and fileting for presentation. There are useful instructions for using knives for preparing doughs, desserts, and fruit. There are plenty of colored photos to illustrate the techniques.The book also addresses ‘cutting edge technology’: Types of knives and other cutting tools are discussed as well as how to maintain them. There are references for other resources and some useful information on the subject of safety and first aid. But there isn’t much on garnish cuts – only a couple of examples.All-in-all it’s quite useful: Practical, accessible and attractive enough to grab your attention.

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