East of Eden-John Steinbeck

East of Eden
John Steinbeck

Charles and Adam were brothers. Their father’s favorite is Adam, and Charles is jealous to his brother, once he almost killed him. Someday Adam and Charles found half-death woman Cathy and fell in love. Inside of Cathy lived a pure evil, and she was beaten by pimp cause she hid money from him. But Adam didn’t know anything of her past and made her an offer to marry. They married at once. Nevertheless she slept with his brother sometimes. When Cathy was pregnant she didn’t want to be a mother so after she gave birth for to twins, she shot her husband in shoulder and ran away. Adam recovered from body wounds but mental ones were still ached. With the help of neighbor and servant he named sons as Cal and Aaron. Aaron became a favorite and Cal a son number two as Adam was for his father. Suddenly Cal revealed that their mother was not dead as they thought but lived not far away where she ruled the brothel. He decided to find her.

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