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Reasonably Simple Economics: Why the World Works the Way It Does by Evan Osborne
Beth L. Leech – Lobbyists at Work
Hedge Hogs: The Cowboy Traders Behind Wall Street’s Largest Hedge Fund Disaster by Barbara T. Dreyfuss
Immobilienfinanzierung – Alles, was Sie zum Immobilienkauf wissen müssen by Max Geißler
Michael Wipp, “Der Regelkreis der Einsatzplanung: Dienstpläne sicher und effizient erstellen”

Reasonably Simple Economics: Why the World Works the Way It Does by Evan Osborne

Language: English | 2013 | ISBN: 1430259418 | 332 pages | PDF + EPUB | (4,1 + 3,33) MB

The goal of Reasonably Simple Economics is, not surprisingly, simple: to help us think like economists. When we do, so much of the world that seemed mysterious or baffling becomes more clear and understandable—improving our lives and providing new tools to succeed in business and career.
In a chatty style, economist Evan Osborne explains the economic foundations behind the things we read about or see in the news everyday:
Why prices for goods and services are what they are
How government spending, regulation, and taxation can both hinder and help the economy
Why and how some people get fabulously rich
How entrepreneurs reorganize society beneficially
Why markets sometimes fail and when or if governments should intervene when they do
How economics and statistics can explain such things as discrimination in hiring and providing services (and why discriminators are shooting themselves in the foot), why we’re smarter than we’ve ever been, and how technology makes the idea of Earth’s “carrying capacity” meaningless
Along the way, you will learn the basic concepts of economics that well-educated citizens in democratic countries should know, like scarcity, opportunity cost, supply and demand, all the different ways economies are “managed,” and more.
In the manner of The Armchair Economist, The Undercover Economist, or Naked Economics, Osborne uses current examples to illustrate the principles that underlie tragedies like the Greek economy or the global market meltdown of 2008, and triumphs like the continuing dominance of Silicon Valley in the tech world or why New York City markets are stuffed with goods despite the difficulty in getting them there.
As Osborne points out, the future, in economic terms, has always been better than the past, and he shows you how to use that knowledge to improve your life both intellectually and materially.
What you’ll learn
How to think like an economist and better understand the world and your place in it
Basic economic concepts like supply and demand and marginal costs and benefits
How and why people “respond to incentives,” and why this is a life-changing idea
Why “the crowd” is invariably wise and what to learn from it
Why speculators and “middlemen” improve life not just for themselves but for the rest of us
Why living standards have risen dramatically in the last century and why they will continue to as time marches on
Why taking advantage of “decentralized knowledge” to pounce on opportunity is critical for your success

Beth L. Leech – Lobbyists at Work

Published: 2013-04-24 | ISBN: 1430245603 | PDF + MOBI | 272 pages | 4 MB

Received wisdom has it that lobbyists run the American government on behalf of moneyed interests. But what makes lobbyists run, and how do they induce legislators and bureaucrats to do their bidding? These are questions for which even the harshest critics lack satisfying answers. Lobbyists at Work explores what lobbyists really do and why. It goes behind the scenes and brings back in-depth interviews with fifteen political advocates chosen to represent the breadth and diversity of the lobbying profession.
The interviewees profiled in this book range from the top lobbyists-for-hire at the most powerful K Street firms to pro bono lobbyists for the disenfranchised and powerless. The roster spans all types of lobbyists working for all types of clients and seeking to influence all levels and branches of government. The permutations include business-lobbying-government, government-lobbying-government, government-to-business revolving door, regulatory lobbying, state and local lobbying, citizen-advocacy lobbying,single-issue lobbying, and multiple-issue lobbying. In colorful and sometimes hilarious detail, the interviewees take the reader through their arsenals of traditional and next-generation lobbying techniques, including face-to-face persuasion of elected officials and their staffs, educational campaigns and coalition-building, ghost-drafting complex legislation and regulation for government committees and agencies, contributions, and social media campaigns.
In Lobbyists at Work, the normally self-effacing subjects open up about themselves and their profession: why they chose to become lobbyists, what motivates them to keep lobbying, how they cultivate their lobbying influence, how they adjust to changes in the rules affecting their lobbying methods, and what they actually do at work each day (and night). As an authority on lobbying respected in Washington for her impartiality, Professor Beth Leech elicits frank disclosures, career tips, and riveting stories about the good, the bad, and the ambivalent on both sides of the symbiotic relationship between government officials and lobbyists.

Hedge Hogs: The Cowboy Traders Behind Wall Street’s Largest Hedge Fund Disaster by Barbara T. Dreyfuss

English | ISBN: 1400068398 | 2013 | EPUB/MOBI | 320 pages | 2 MB/819 KB

At its peak, hedge fund Amaranth Advisors LLC had more than $9 billion in assets. A few weeks later, it completely collapsed. The disaster was largely triggered by one man: thirty-two-year-old hotshot trader Brian Hunter. His high-risk bets on natural gas prices bankrupted his firm and destroyed his career, while John Arnold, his rival at competitor fund Centaurus, emerged as the highest-paid trader on Wall Street. Meticulously researched and character-driven, Hedge Hogs is a riveting fly-on-the-wall account of the largest hedge fund collapse in history: a blistering tale of the recent past that explains our precarious present . . . and may predict our future.
Using emails, instant messages, court testimony, and exclusive interviews, securities analyst turned investigative reporter Barbara T. Dreyfuss charts the colliding paths of these two charismatic traders who dominated the speculative energy market. We follow Brian Hunter, the Canadian farm boy and elbows-out high school basketball star, as he achieves phenomenal early success, only to see his ambition, greed, and hubris precipitate his downfall. Set in relief is the journey of John Arnold, whose mild manner, sophisticated tastes, and low profile belied his own ferocious competitive streak. As the two clash, hundreds of millions of dollars in pension and endowment money is imperiled, with devastating public consequences.
Hedge Hogs takes you behind closed doors into the shadowy world of hedge funds, the unregulated wild side of finance, where over-the-top parties and lavish perks abound and billions of dollars of other people’s money are in the hands of a tiny elite. Dreyfuss traces the rise of this freewheeling industry while detailing the decades of bank, hedge fund, and commodity deregulation that turned Wall Street into a speculative casino.
A gripping saga peppered with fast money, vivid characters, and high drama, Hedge Hogs is also an important and timely cautionary tale–a vivisection of a financial system jeopardized by reckless practices, watered-down regulation, and loopholes in government oversight, just waiting for the next bust.

Immobilienfinanzierung – Alles, was Sie zum Immobilienkauf wissen müssen by Max Geißler

German | 2013 | ASIN: B00AF9JGH4 | 38 pages | EPUB | 0,24 MB

Immobilien sind gefragt wie schon lange nicht mehr. Begünstigt durch billige Darlehenszinsen sehen viele den Hauskauf als Alternative zur konventionellen Geldanlage. Dafür sollte man die Grundregeln für den erfolgreichen Eigenheimerwerb kennen.
Dieses “biallobuch” informiert Sie darüber, wie Sie Ihre Finanzkraft ermitteln, wie Sie den besten Baufinanzierer finden – bis hin zur Gestaltung der optimalen Tilgung und Sondertilgung sowie zu Fragen zur Anschlussfinanzierung. Der Autor Max Geißler ist Finanzjournalist und schreibt seit Jahren über Geldthemen für das Finanzportal biallo.de.
“Immobilienfinanzierung” in der Reihe “biallobuch” wird herausgegeben von der Biallo & Team GmbH in Schondorf/Ammersee. Biallo & Team erhebt die Zinsdaten von mehreren hundert Banken und Finanzdienstleistern und bereitet sie für zahlreiche deutsche Tageszeitungen und Online-Dienste als Zinsübersichten auf. Zudem informiert biallo.de mit unabhängigem Finanzjournalismus die Verbraucher zu den Themen Baufinanzierung, Geldanlage und Kredit.

Michael Wipp, “Der Regelkreis der Einsatzplanung: Dienstpläne sicher und effizient erstellen”

2012 | German | ISBN: 3866301847 | PDF | 384 pages | 103 MB

Dienstpläne sicher und effizient erstellen
Welcher Verantwortliche kennt nicht den Konflikt zwischen Kundenorientierung, wirtschaftlichem Einsatz des Personals und Zufriedenheit der Mitarbeiter.
Dieses Arbeitshandbuch zeigt Einsatzplanung mit einfachen Mitteln und vorhandenen Ressourcen – immer in Hinblick auf Bewohner- und Mitarbeiterinteressen. Von der erforderlichen Mitarbeiterzahl über die Festlegung von Arbeitszeiten oder Schichtbesetzungen bis hin zur Dienstplangestaltung: Alle zentralen Fragen und auch die rechtlichen Aspekte der Einsatzplanung greifen die Autoren auf. So ist das Arbeitshandbuch unentbehrlicher Helfer bei der Dienstplangestaltung: Schritt für Schritt zeigt es den Weg zu einem gleichermaßen wirksamen wie wirtschaftlichen Personaleinsatz.

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