Gavin Dudeney, Nick Hockly
How to Teach English with Technology

How to Teach English with Technology is the most up-to-date practical guide for teachers who wish to use new technology in the classroom. It looks at current applications but also helps you prepare for the future. Level: All practising language teachers.
Technology in the Classroom — Word processors in the classroom — Using websites — Internet-based project work — How to use email — How to use chat — Blogs, wikis and podcats — Online reference tools — Technology-based courseware — Producing electronic materials — e-learning: online teaching and learning — Preparing for the future — Task File — Glossary.

Scott Thornbury
How to Teach Grammar

Covering the various methods for teaching grammar including the practice and integration of grammar and how NOT to teach grammar!

Scott Thornbury
How to Teach Speaking

Learning a language and being able to speak it do not go hand in hand. This book provides both structured activities to get students speaking and ideas for developing confidence in using English outside the classroom. Essentially, this book:
examines the different approaches and activities that can be used for teaching and testing speaking.
covers areas of speech such as articulation, fluency and register.
looks at classroom approaches such as drilling, discussions, drama, dialogues and conversation.

Jeremy Harmer
How to Teach English New Edition Book for Pack

New glossary to explain teaching terms, New chapter on testing

Evan Frendo
How to Teach Business English

Written by experienced teachers and teacher trainers, this series offers practical teaching ideas within a clear, theoretical framework. Each title includes a photocopiable ‘Task File’ of training and reflection activities to reinforce theories and practical ideas presented.

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