Caroline Bingham Nature Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference)


Caroline Bingham
Nature Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference)

What is life like underground? Where can you find the world’s ugliest fish? Why are fungi so fantastic? Take an amazing look at the natural world to find out! Discover plants and animals and where they live – from deserts to oceans, rainforests to mountains.

This work is packed with curiosity quizzes, ‘turn and learn’ boxes and ‘did you know?’ facts, plus amazing photographs, so there’s lots to see and explore. It is perfect for National Curriculum Key Stage 1. Go ahead and take a leap into the natural world!

David A. Snow, Donatella della Porta, Bert Klandermans
The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements

Comprehensive, authoritative, interdisciplinary, and up-to-date, The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social and Political Movements contains over 400 entries across three volumes, exploring social and political movements and related collective phenomena throughout the world.
– Brings together a prestigious editorial team drawn from ten countries and from across four disciplines

– Covers a broad range of historical and modern topics reflecting significant social and political changes –from the French revolution, to the Chinese Communist Revolution, the global women’s movement, to the Arab Spring, and from the American civil rights movement to contemporary environmentalism

– Organized, authored and edited by leading scholars, all of whom come to the project with exemplary track records and international standing

– Available online or as a three-volume print set, structured in a user-friendly A-Z format
3 Volumes

Sarolta Takacs, Ph.D.
The Modern World, 5 Vol. Set

Designed to meet the curriculum needs for students from grades 7 to 12, this five-volume encyclopedia explores world history from approximately 5000 C.E. to the present. Organized alphabetically within geographical volumes on Africa, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Southwest Asia, and Asia and the Pacific, entries cover the social, political, scientific and technological, economic, and cultural events and developments that shaped the modern world.

Each volume includes articles on history, government, and warfare; the development of ideas and the growth of art and architecture; religion and philosophy; music; science and technology; and daily life in the civilizations covered. Boxed features include “Turning Point,” “Great Lives,” “Into the Twenty-First Century,” and “Modern Weapons”. Maps, timelines, and illustrations illuminate the text, and a glossary, a selected bibliography, and an index in each volume round out the set.

Africa is a vast continent. The United States could easily fit into the Sahara, and there would still be room on the continent for China, India, New Zealand, Argentina, and half of Europe. It is a place of great ethnic and linguistic diversity. The land is home to several thousand different ethnic groups, and more than 800 languages are spoken there, including Arabic, native languages such as Swahili, Zulu, and Hausa, and European languages such as English, French, Portuguese, and German.

Africa’s history is as complicated and varied as its geography and people. Two of the world’s first great civilizations—the Egyptian and the Kush—arose in Africa thousands of years ago. Parts of North Africa and Ethiopia were among the earliest lands to convert to Christianity, and large parts of northern Africa were conquered by Muslim invaders, leading many Africans to convert to Islam. In the Middle Ages, several large empires—such as Mali, Songhai, and Ghana—rose and fell.

James Chambers
The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine (4 Volume Set)

“The Facts On File Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine” is a comprehensive, four-volume reference perfect for a wide audience – from students to health professionals to lay readers – looking for reliable, accurate, accessible health information. Under direction of the Medical Advisory Review Panel, this authoritative, reference features contributions from a diverse group of medical professionals – including psychologists, dermatologists, pulmonary and critical care specialists, gynecologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, and many others

Ian Tattersall
Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory

This second edition offers more than 200 new entries covering the latest fossil finds and cutting-edge theories. In addition, all prior entries have been updated, including more than 200 that have been heavily revised and expanded to reflect new developments and discoveries in the field. With a total of more than 800 A-Z entries written by fifty-four internationally recognized scholars, Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory is widely recognized as a standard in the field, providing the most complete context possible for understanding the 65-million-year story of humankind’s origins.

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