Jeff Limke
Arthur & Lancelot: The Fight for Camelot; An English Legend

Dark forces are at work in the realm of King Arthur. Will Arthur fight to restore the peace, or is this the end of Camelot?

DK Publishing
Let’s Look: Baby Animals

The Let’s Look series uses colorful images, simple text labels, and fun “I spy” games to introduce curious preschoolers to the world.

Katherine L. House
Lighthouses for Kids: History, Science, and Lore with 21 Activities

Bringing to life an era when rivers, lakes, and oceans were the nation’s highways and lighthouses served as traffic signals and maps, this comprehensive reference provides children with an in-depth history of lighthouses and firsthand stories of the challenges faced by lighthouse keepers. Filled with engaging activities such as learning how to tie a bowline knot and building a model lighthouse, this unique book also includes a field guide to U.S. lighthouses, places to visit, a time line, glossary, websites to explore, and a reading list for further study.

Nichole Wadsworth Schrafft
A Field Guide to Washington, DC

This photographic dictionary of exciting sites and icons associated with Washington, D.C. will delight readers of all ages. Children will enjoy placing stickers on a map as they check off some of the sites they have visited. Jake McGuire s wonderful images include the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington Monument and Reflecting Pool, the White House, the Carousel on the Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, and Marine One among many others. Nichole Schrafft s entertaining captions define interesting facts, historical events and terms associated with the nation s capital.

Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia

Over three million copies and 25 years later, Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia is revised and updated with the latest facts, figures, and technologies.

Covering more than 380 topics from dinosaurs to digital technology, this highly visual guide engages young readers with photographic spreads and illustrations annotated with amazing trivia. Featuring full-color photographs, maps, cutaway diagrams, charts, and more, Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia is written in a clear and child-friendly style with updates that include recent space missions, scientific breakthroughs, and the latest significant events. Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia is perfect for reports, homework, and independent research.

A great addition to any bookshelf, Children’s Illustrated Encyclopedia is the essential book for curious young readers who want to know about everything.

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