Reading Juice for Kids • Level 2 • Student’s Book

Reading Juice for Kids is an elementary-level textbook that helps learners comprehend nonfiction reading texts with ease while having fun. It offers easy reading passages covering topics from American curricula along with clear photographs and illustrations to support the reading.

World Wonders • Level 2 • Student’s Book

Harnessing the National Geographics photography and non-fiction texts World Wonders really takes young learners on an adventure through the wonders of the natural world and through different cultures and customs and teaches the students about the world beyond the classroom. A four level course taking students up to an intermediate/B1.

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Comments: 11
  1. Ирина Козлова
    Ирина Козлова

    Спасибо, понравились, а с первым уровнем поможете? Есть такие для совсем начинающих?

    1. Fauve Rouget
      Fauve Rouget

      Irina, levels range from 1 to 4: I guess the level 1 is for beginners 😊
      So, I am doing the post.

  2. Татьяна Каторина
    Татьяна Каторина

    Тоже хотелось бы узнать про уровни этого учебника)

    1. Fauve Rouget
      Fauve Rouget

      Татьяна, the only information I have is written in the post.

      1. Татьяна Каторина
        Татьяна Каторина

        Fauve, ну это уровень 2, а есть другие уровни у этого пособия?😊

        1. Fauve Rouget
          Fauve Rouget

          Tatiana, I am doing the level 1, 3 & 4 😊

          1. Татьяна Каторина
            Татьяна Каторина

            Fauve, thank you!

          2. Марина Паюсова
            Марина Паюсова

            Fauve, thank you very much! Will you share with us other levels of this textbooks?

          3. Fauve Rouget
            Fauve Rouget

            Марина, it comes, a little patience :)

          4. Марина Паюсова
            Марина Паюсова

            Fauve, thank you! Iwill follow the list of news.😃

  3. Le-Nguyen Vy-Phuong
    Le-Nguyen Vy-Phuong

    Thank you ❤❤❤

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