Vikas Khatri
71 Science Experiments

A study of science and scientific theories and laws is almost incomplete without relevant and methodical Experiments. In fact Experiments are an inseparable part of any Scientific Study or Research. In this book, the author has tried to simplify science to the readers, particularly the school going students through easy and interesting experiments. All the experiments given in the book are based on some scientific phenomena or other such as atmospheric pressure high and low temperatures boiling freezing and melting points of solids liquids and gases gravitational force magnetism electricity solubility of substances etc. Thus read each of these fun – filled experiments and carry it out in your homes or schools under the supervision and guidance of your teachers, parents or elders. The language used in the book is simple and all the experiments have been illustrated with relevant diagrams and methodical steps strictly based on scientific facts. So children, grab this book as fast as you can to satisfy your scientific curiosities by performing these incredible experiments and learning science with fun.

Nicholas Harris
A Day in a City

Text and bird’s-eye-view illustrations portray a busy day in a city, including activities at a school, an apartment building, a theater, and a museum. Includes related activities.

Ruth Bornstein

I was little, and by the toy chimp I couldn’t resist buying myself for my forty-seventh birthday!” Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mrs. Bornstein was graduated from the University of Wisconsin. She and her husband are the parents of four children and live in Pacific Palisades, California.

Dawn Sirett
Going to the Dentist

Jerry Smath
But No Elephants

When the pet man comes to visit Grandma Tildy she’s happy to buy a canary, a beaver and a tortoise – “but no elephants”, she always says. Then one cold winter day the pet man comes again and this time the only pet left is an elephant. And Grandma Tildy just can’t leave it out in the cold.

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