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DK Eyewitness Guides: Early People
Windows and Doors (Fix It Yourself)
Alexander McQueen: Evolution by Katherine Gleason
The Emotional House: How Redesigning Your Home Can Change Your Life by Kathryn L. Robyn, Dawn Ritchie
Beer – Craft & Culture: Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide to Brewing, Ingredients, Styles & More by Inc. Barcharts

DK Eyewitness Guides: Early People

Nick Merriman | 1998 | PDF | ISBN: 0863183425 | 71 pages | 51 MB

A stunning collection of specially commissioned photographs presents a survey of early people and their tools weapons clothing jewellery food and rituals. The items are reproduced with such clarity of detail that they give a new insight into the lives of their original owners.Beginning with remains that are up to four million years old the book follows the story of human development from the first ape-like hominids to the arrival of modern people the species we know as homo sapiens. Early People shows the methods used to produce flint tools to hunt for food to make fire and cook to cure hides and make clothes and to create intricate objects in bronze and iron.Early People is a fascinating guide to the objects left behind in prehistoric settlements around the world. It tells the story of how life on earth has changed – from the millions of years it took for mankind to discover how to make tools and fire to the more rapid development of the Bronze and Iron Ages.

Windows and Doors (Fix It Yourself)

Elizabeth W. Lewis | 1987 | Scan PDF | ISBN: 0809462168 | 136 pages | 104 MB

The expert team from Better Homes and Gardens bring you everything you need to know about repairing and renovating windows and doors. Step-by-step instructions and photographs will make these DIY projects easy.

Alexander McQueen: Evolution by Katherine Gleason

English | October 15, 2012 | ISBN: 1937994007, 163106147X | PDF | 216 pages | 45.3 MB

From Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims, his 1992 graduate collection, to Plato’s Atlantis, the last show before his death in 2010, Lee Alexander McQueen was as celebrated for the exquisite tailoring, meticulous craftsmanship, and stunning originality of his designs as he was notorious for his theatrical—and often controversial—runway shows. McQueen found inspiration for his avant-garde collections everywhere: his Scottish ancestry, Alfred Hitchcock movies, Yoruba mythology, the destruction of the environment—even the fashion industry itself. Whatever his inspiration, however, McQueen’s concept for his runway show came first and was crucial to the development of the collection.
Every show had a narrative and was staged with his characteristic dramatic flair. Highland Rape featured disheveled models smeared with “blood” staggering down the runway in town clothes. In Scanners, two robots sprayed paint on a model trapped on a spinning platform. In Widows of Culloden, a hologram of supermodel Kate Moss held center stage. Other McQueen shows staged models walking through water, drifting snowflakes, rain, and wind tunnels; pole-dancing in garish makeup at a carnival, playing living pieces in a bizarre chess game, and performing with trained dancers in a Depression-era-style marathon. Illustrated throughout with stunning photography and liberally sprinkled with quotations from McQueen and those who knew him best, Alexander McQueen: Evolution is the story of the designer’s thirty-five runway shows and the genius behind them.

The Emotional House: How Redesigning Your Home Can Change Your Life by Kathryn L. Robyn, Dawn Ritchie

English | April 15, 2005 | ISBN: 1572244089 | PDF | 213 pages | 2.2 MB

Most of us spend more time in our homes than any other place. For better or worse, this highly personal space has a powerful influence over the way we feel about our lives. Based on the program used by the authors in their successful home consulting practice, this book teaches readers to use psychological and design principles to transform their houses into nurturing and supportive living.
The exercises in the book encourage readers to list the activities they engage in, room by room, in their homes. Readers learn how to analyze each room’s size, layout, and decor and how to read their psychological and physiological reactions to the various spaces. Then the book offers readers a step-by-step process they can use to figure out what they and their living companions-family members, roommates, and even pets-want out of each room.
Based on these discoveries, the book proposes cleaning, organizing, and decorating ideas guaranteed to make each room function better. This book unlocks the door on home design, giving you keys to creating a home that lifts your spirits and agrees with your lifestyle.

Beer – Craft & Culture: Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide to Brewing, Ingredients, Styles & More by Inc. Barcharts

English | 2017 | ISBN: 1423234669, 1423234871 | 6 pages | PDF | 21.81 MB

In this golden age of beer, do not miss the opportunity to experience the incredible breweries and their creative craftsmanship that is spawning a revolution in brewing. Best-selling beer author Stephen Beaumont can show you the way in 6 laminated pages overflowing with facts from beer’s history and the brewing process to brew styles and all of the vocabulary you need to make the right choice of brews to try for your taste. With a lumberjack beard or without, you can become an expert brew seeker and have fun exploring everything from sours to stouts.
6-page laminated guide includes:
• History of Brewing
• Brewing Beer
• Ingredients of Beer
• Common Hop Varieties
• Beer Styles (with dark/light color scale)
• Tasting Beer Like a Pro
• Talking Beer
• Buying & Storing Beer
• Beer Tourism

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