Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening The Indispensable Green Resource for Every Gardener

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Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening The Indispensable Green Resource for Every Gardener
Stephen Knott, “Amateur Craft: History and Theory”
Horseback Riding For Dummies by Audrey Pavia (Author), Shannon Sand
Dog Training For Dummies by Jack Volhard, Wendy Volhard
Living with Kids: Solutions for Family-Friendly Interiors (Interior Design and Architecture)

Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Green Resource for Every Gardener by Fern Marshall Bradley, Barbara W. Ellis, Ellen Phillips, Deborah L. Martin

English | January 30th, 2018 | ASIN: B075F1P9MG, ISBN: 0878579990, 1635650984 | 836 pages | EPUB | 37.39 MB

Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening has been the go-to resource for gardeners for more than 50 years, and the best tool novices can buy to start applying organic methods to their fruit and vegetable crops, herbs, trees and shrubs, perennials, annuals, and lawns. This thoroughly revised and updated version highlights new organic pest controls, new fertilizer products, improved gardening techniques, the latest organic soil practices, and new trends in garden design.
In this indispensable work you will find:
• Comprehensive coverage for the entire garden and landscape along with related entries such as Community • Gardening, Edible Landscaping, Horticultural Therapy, Stonescaping, and more
• The most in-depth information from the trusted Rodale Organic Gardening brand
• A completely new section on earth-friendly techniques for gardening in a changing climate, covering wise water management, creating backyard habitats, managing invasive plants and insects, reducing energy use and recycling, and understanding biotechnology
• Entries all written by American gardeners for American gardeners, with answers for all the challenges presented by various conditions, from the humid Deep South and the mild maritime coasts to the cold far North and the dry Southwest
Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening has everything you need to create gorgeous, non-toxic gardens in any part of the country.

Stephen Knott, “Amateur Craft: History and Theory”

English | ISBN: 1472577353, 1472577345 | 2015 | 187 pages | PDF | 72 MB

Amateur Craft provides an illuminating and historically-grounded account of amateur craft in the modern era, from 19th century Sunday painters and amateur carpenters to present day railway modellers and yarnbombers. Stephen Knott’s fascinating study explores the curious and unexpected attributes of things made outside standardised models of mass production, arguing that amateur craft practice is ‘differential’ – a temporary moment of control over work that both departs from and informs our productive engagement with the world.
Knott’s discussion of the theoretical aspects of amateur craft practice is substantiated by historical case studies that cluster around the period 1850–1950. Looking back to the emergence of the modern amateur, he makes reference to contemporary art and design practice that harnesses or exploits amateur conditions of making. From Andy Warhol to Simon Starling, such artistic interest elucidates the mercurial qualities of amateur craft.
Invaluable for students and researchers in art and design, contemporary craft, material culture and social history, Amateur Craft counters both the marginalisation and the glorification of amateur craft practice. It is richly illustrated with 41 images, 14 in colour, including 19th century ephemera and works of contemporary art.

Horseback Riding For Dummies by Audrey Pavia (Author), Shannon Sand

Language: English | 2007 | ISBN: 0470097191 | 388 pages | PDF | 6 MB

You’ve always dreamed of riding horses. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you realized your equestrian dreams and learned to ride like a pro on the back of a noble steed. And Horseback Riding for Dummies shows you how.
Don’t know a horse’s head from its tail, a trot from a canter, withers from a fetlock? No problem. Coauthored by a medal-winning equestrian and nationally respected equestrian trainer, it tells you what you need to know about that elegant animal, body and soul, to become an accomplished rider. And it trains you in all the technical basics of riding for fun or competition, including how to:
Find a good stable and instructor
Select riding gear
Warm up and keep riding muscles fit
Establish a rapport with a horse
Cue a horse to walk, jog, trot, lope, and cantor
Ride in the ring and on trails
Improve your balance and timing
Compete in horse shows
Buy and care for your own horse
Stop dreaming about it and learn to ride like the wind with Horseback Riding for Dummies—the ultimate beginner’s guide to all things equestrian.

Dog Training For Dummies by Jack Volhard, Wendy Volhard

Language: English | 2010 | ISBN: 0470600292 | 408 pages | PDF | 5,6 MB

Make training fun and effective
This friendly guide shows you how to select the right training method for your dog, based on his unique personality, to reach your desired goals. Whether you want to teach Buddy to sit or master retrieving, you’ll get expert training tips and techniques for you and your dog — to ensure a mutually respectful relationship with your four-legged friend.
Concentrate on canines — discover why your dog acts the way she does, understand her nutritional needs, and ready yourself for the task of training your dog
Prep for your pup — prepare your home for your puppy’s arrival, discover the importance of socialization, and get started on housetraining
Put your best paw forward — teach basic commands like Sit, Stay, and Down, and get the scoop on how to deal with doggie don’ts like chewing, digging, and excessive barking
Take training to the next level — get involved in organized dog activities and competitions, where you’ll both show off impressive tricks like retrieving, figure 8s, and much more
Open the book and find:
Step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog basic commands
Helpful advice on crate training
Safe ways to address aggression and separation anxiety
Tips for teaching Buddy to behave himself around people and other dogs
Techniques to keep your senior dog feeling young
Health issues that can interfere with training
Experts to turn to for training help
Learn to:
Use positive reinforcement as an effective teaching tool
Select the gear you need for training success
Teach the basics including Sit, Stay, and Down
Eliminate unwanted behavior

Living with Kids: Solutions for Family-Friendly Interiors (Interior Design and Architecture)

Eugenia Santiesteban | 2003 | Scan PDF | ISBN: 1564969665 | 151 pages | 100 MB

From the mudroom to the bathroom and beyond, children are of the the center of the household, and your home needs to accommodate the wear and tear that goes along with family living.
That’s where Living with Kids comes into play.
With this practical and inspirational guide, you’ll learn how to create a home that is both functional and beautiful. There’s no need to sacrifice style while raising a family—and designing a home with children in mind should be fun! By mixing the irreverent with the practical, you’ll find you can create an environment in which your entire family feels comfortable.

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