1Die semantische Entwicklung arabischer Woerter im Persischen PV


A. Asbaghi
Die semantische Entwicklung arabischer Wörter im Persischen

“Das arabische Lehnwortgut im Persischen umfaßt alle Gebiete des alltäglichen sowie des geistig-kulturellen Lebens und weist ein ziemlich mannigfaltiges semantisches Spektrum auf, dessen Darstellung für die Arabistik sowie für die Iranistik von enormem gemeinsamem Nutzen sein kann.”

Astrid Henschel
German Verb Drills
English / German

German Verb Drills helps you overcome the obstacles of German verbs, so that you can confidently use verbs when expressing yourself in German. This book explains how the German verb system works, while providing numerous exercises for you to master each point covered.

Ed Swick
German Grammar Drills
English / German

For learning grammar, you’ll find the most success in retaining your skills through drills, drills, and more drills. German Grammar Drills reinforces your knowledge and enhance your ability to read, write, and speak in German. This book introduces essential grammar concepts, with practical examples to demonstrate their correct usage. You will flex your grammar muscle with the exercises included in each section.

Inside this new edition you’ll find:

More than 200 exercises accompanied by an answer key
Authentic examples to show you correct grammar usage
New review sections that will bring you up to speed on grammar

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