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Spanish Short Stories: Learn Spanish with Stories for Beginners

Learning Spanish is just like learning any other language. You need to study the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Studying these may take a while and can often be complicated. You will need to use different materials such as books, dictionaries, and voice recorded tutorials. But even with the help of those, the learning process itself can be a bit boring.

The best thing you can try is to read Spanish short novels. These stories can be a great source of entertainment. They are filled with the wonders and charms of the Spanish culture, as well as the nuances of the language. However, these novels are very long and require long hours to finish. If you don’t have enough time, then what should you do? Well, you have to settle for the next best thing – read Spanish short stories.

In this book, we will examine 2 Spanish short stories. Each will be divided into several sections and will be dissected for examples. The short stories will be translated in English to show their meaning. Reading this book will surely be a fun and enriching experience for you.

The Language Academy
Spanish: Short Stories For Beginners – 9 Captivating Short Stories to Learn Spanish & Expand Your Vocabulary While Having Fun

Are you bored of the traditional methods people tell you to use to learn Spanish? Are you bored of all those dusty grammar books that pile up making everything look so hard? What if we told you there’s a better, more enjoyable way to learn Spanish and grow your vocabulary exponentially? Well, guess what? There is! The best way to learn Spanish is by reading short stories The problem? You might feel like you don’t know where to start, or you may feel lost trying to read whatever pops up on the internet. And that’s exactly why we created this book.

Short Stories + Foreign Language = Faster Learning

Maria Victoria De Stefano
First Spanish Reader for beginners bilingual for speakers of English

First Spanish Reader for beginners bilingual for speakers of English (Graded Spanish Readers)
There are simple and funny Spanish texts for easy reading. The book consists of Elementary and Pre-intermediate courses with parallel Spanish-English texts. The author maintains learners’ motivation by funny stories about real life situations such as meeting people, studying, job searches, working etc. Method ALARM (Approved Learning Automatic Remembering Method) utilize natural human ability to remember words used in texts repeatedly and systematically. The author had to compose each sentence using only words explained in previous chapters. The second and the following chapters of the Elementary course have only 30 new words each.

William Tardy
Easy Spanish Reader Premium: A Three-Part Reader for Beginning Students

Enhance your Spanish reading skills with this primer for premium results!
Easy Spanish Reader is based on the premise that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it, immediately. Suitable for raw beginners to intermediate-level language learners, this bestselling title features engaging readings of progressive difficulty that allow you to rapidly build comprehension. Part I describes the adventures of two high-school seniors involved in their Spanish club; Part II describes episodes from the colorful history of Mexico; and Part III contains an abridged adaptation of the classic story Lazarillo de Tormes.
New to the Premium Third Edition are accompanying materials in the McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app:
Flashcards of all glosses in the book
Audio recordings of select readings from the book (all of Parts I and III, and the first section of Part II)
Audio recordings of select post-reading exercises in Part I; if your mobile device has the capability, you can record your own answer and compare it against the native-speaker pronunciation

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