Jungian Analysis, Depth Psychology, and Soul The Selected Works of Thomas B. Kirsch


Jungian Analysis, Depth Psychology, and Soul :
The Selected Works of Thomas B. Kirsch
Scientific Leadership
Psychology of Music : From Sound to Significance, Second Edition
Teens & Alcohol (Gallup Youth Survey: Major Issues and Tr) by Gail Snyder
MOTIVATION How To Enjoy It Every Day by David Valois

Jungian Analysis, Depth Psychology, and Soul :
The Selected Works of Thomas B. Kirsch

English | 2018 | ISBN: 113868869X | 186 Pages | PDF | 1.46 MB

Thomas Kirsch is one of the foremost architects of the contemporary Jungian scene and has influenced the evolution and organization of analytical psychology worldwide. His works on the history of Jungian analysis and his memoir of a “Jungian life” have been widely appreciated and this book contains important examples of these interests. Gathered together in The Selected Works are Kirsch’s original and humane contributions to diverse areas, such as: training and the dynamics of analytical institutions; clinical themes in Jungian analysis and how these differ from what typically happens in psychoanalytic treatment; as well as a continuation of his remarkable work into the personalities and prejudices that characterize the profession of Jungian analysis.
As Andrew Samuels observes in his foreword, “In these chapters, we see Tom’s humanity, generosity and flexibility”. Given the multifarious dynamics of the training community, Kirsch accepts that things can sometimes go wrong, and he is open about his experiences in this regard. For Kirsch, rather than a simple question of psychologically damaged people becoming analysts, the figure of the “Wounded Healer” is always present in depth psychology.
Kirsch is an exceptionally gifted communicator and several of these chapters stem from lectures and conference presentations. However, behind the appearance of informality emerges, not only a formidable intellect at work, but a warm and compassionate perspective on the human condition. The Selected Works will be of vital interest to analysts, therapists, trainees, academics, and students working in the areas of Jungian analysis and Jungian studies around the world.

Scientific Leadership

De Gruyter | English | 2017 | ISBN-10: 3110468883 | 171 pages | PDF, EPUB | 6.86 + 19.27 mb

by J. W. (Hans) / Felderhof, Jan-Karel Niemantsverdriet (Author)
Modern Science is teamwork. But how can young academics go from being a productive member of a scientific team to leading their own? Entry level positions for PhDs in Science often require the infamous “”people skills””. The authors aim to equip young academics with the right ideas and strategies for their scientific leadership development. Become a successful leader not with tricks, but with an inspiring and straightforward vision and mission, the correct mindset, and effective teamwork.

Psychology of Music : From Sound to Significance, Second Edition

English | 2018 | ISBN: 1138124680 | 368 Pages | PDF | 11 MB

In Psychology of Music: From Sound to Significance (2nd edition), the authors consider music on a broad scale, from its beginning as an acoustical signal to its different manifestations across cultures. In their second edition, the authors apply the same richness of depth and scope that was a hallmark of the first edition of this text. In addition, having laid out the topography of the field in the original book, the second edition puts greater emphasis on linking academic learning to real-world contexts, and on including compelling topics that appeal to students natural curiosity. Chapters have been updated with approximately 500 new citations to reflect advances in the field.
The organization of the book remains the same as the first edition, while chapters have been updated and often expanded with new topics. Part I: Foundations explores the acoustics of sound, the auditory system, and responses to music in the brain. Part II: The Perception and Cognition of Music focuses on how we process pitch, melody, meter, rhythm, and musical structure. Part III: Development, Learning, and Performance describes how musical capacities and skills unfold, beginning before birth and extending to the advanced and expert musician. And finally, Part IV: The Meaning and Significance of Music explores social, emotional, philosophical and cultural dimensions of music and meaning.
This book will be invaluable to undergraduates and postgraduate students in psychology and music, and will appeal to anyone who is interested in the vital and expanding field of psychology of music.

Teens & Alcohol (Gallup Youth Survey: Major Issues and Tr) by Gail Snyder

English | 2 Sept. 2014 | ASIN: B01HU7ER72 | 110 Pages | AZW3 | 3.14 MB

The Gallup Youth Survey has found that more than 80 percent of high school seniors have tried alcohol and that roughly a quarter of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 say it is very easy for them to get alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is a contributor to the three leading causes of death for teens and young adults: automobile crashes, homicides, and suicides. This volume explores several issues facing young people, including binge drinking and cross-addiction.

MOTIVATION How To Enjoy It Every Day by David Valois

English | 29 Jun 2016 | ASIN: B01HSA4PPA | 145 Pages | AZW3 | 395.7 KB

21 Secrets To Get Motivated – Even If You Are In The Most Difficult Situation!
Do you want to know what high motivated achievers do that others don´t?
• If you ever felt helpless against setbacks…
• If you ever stayed till midnight wondering: “What´s wrong with me?”…
• If you ever felt unmotivated to achieve your goals…
Then you need MOTIVATION. And here you will discover the method to have it EVERY DAY.
YOU will conquer easily the inevitable adversities of life and always win.
In this book you will discover:
• The mistake most people do to never get motivated. (To be happy you don´t need to be rich – nor medium-wealthy).
• 5 Fast ways to get motivated today.
• How to lose your fear and worries (all of them).
• 4 Steps to design you personal mission and conquer the world.
• The incredible 0,1% Technique (your potential is much bigger than you think).
No matter how well designed your plans are, life brings personal and financial crisis from time to time. Adversities are like earthquakes, they don´t warn.
But it is not a question of what happens, it´s how you react and overcome obstacles thanks to motivation.
In this book you will discover so many tips that, no matter your personality – you will find your custom solution to get motivated.
No Extra Words – Discover The Real Keys To Be Always Motivated
Imagine being always motivated to focus in your goals. How far would you go?
You will wake up motivated and have all the energy to achieve big projects. You will also discover how to eliminate influence from negative people.
Also in this book:
• Why getting motivated without “chemicals” is easier. And effective.
• How to have more energy to achieve big goals. You will be admired and respected by all.
• The right way to persuade. (And be more popular and loved).
• How to eliminate the biggest motivation thief.
With Your New Motivation You Will Conquer Easily The Inevitable Adversities of Life and ALWAYS Win
Finally your life will have a clear direction.
With motivation, you will beat all your fears!
And also take better decisions and benefit from opportunities you never imagined:
• You will boost to your self-esteem and self-confidence.
• You will discover the surprising advantage of not blaming.
• You will have energy always (and radiate power).
• Your new discovered intuition will accelerate your success…
21 Secrets to boost your energy and motivation always
You will discover also:
• A (easy to use) method to surround yourself with inspiration and beauty.
• How to eliminate easily your limiting beliefs.
• Why the high school heroes are the waiters of the future.
• The right way to overcome obstacles and get stronger.
And more tools to motivate you and achieve your wildest dreams. You will surround yourself with the best:
• The right way to surround yourself only with valuable people.
• 3 Ways to eliminate stress.
• How to favor from all circumstances (in spite of fighting the whole day without results).
• How to wake up every day with your enthusiasm in the sky.
• Why “forgiving them” will make you stronger (and motivate you).
Nobody can steal your new motivation! You will persevere without effort and always enjoy what you do.
And motivate your team to be more productive too!
About David Valois:
David has spoken to hundreds of persons about motivation. He also helped hundreds of his clients to obtain their goals.
And now he concentrates all his years of research, knowledge and experience in a book that will change your life.

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