Islam and the Rule of Justice Image and Reality in Muslim Law and Culture

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Islam and the Rule of Justice: Image and Reality in Muslim Law and Culture by Lawrence Rosen
Becking, “Psalms and Prayers”
Not By Sight: Only Faith Opens Your Eyes by Cash Luna
The Sinner’s Guide
A New Kind of Apologist: *Adopting Fresh Strategies *Addressing the Latest Issues *Engaging the Culture edited by Sean McDowell

Islam and the Rule of Justice: Image and Reality in Muslim Law and Culture by Lawrence Rosen

2018 | ISBN: 022651160X, 022651157X | English | 288 pages | EPUB | 2 MB

In the West, we tend to think of Islamic law as an arcane and rigid legal system, bound by formulaic texts yet suffused by unfettered discretion. While judges may indeed refer to passages in the classical texts or have recourse to their own orientations, images of binding doctrine and unbounded choice do not reflect the full reality of the Islamic law in its everyday practice. Whether in the Arabic-speaking world, the Muslim portions of South and Southeast Asia, or the countries to which many Muslims have migrated, Islamic law works is readily misunderstood if the local cultures in which it is embedded are not taken into account.
With Islam and the Rule of Justice, Lawrence Rosen analyzes a number of these misperceptions. Drawing on specific cases, he explores the application of Islamic law to the treatment of women (who win most of their cases), the relations between Muslims and Jews (which frequently involve close personal and financial ties), and the structure of widespread corruption (which played a key role in prompting the Arab Spring). From these case studie the role of informal mechanisms in the resolution of local disputes. The author also provides a close reading of the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, who was charged in an American court with helping to carry out the 9/11 attacks, using insights into how Islamic justice works to explain the defendant’s actions during the trial. The book closes with an examination of how Islamic

Becking, “Psalms and Prayers”

2007 | pages: 313 | ISBN: 9004160329 | PDF | 2,2 mb

Psalms are to be seen as prayers, it is as testimonies of faith and despair. By applying a multi-dimensional matrix of methods the authors of these essays open perspectives on new insights in these ancient hymns.

Not By Sight: Only Faith Opens Your Eyes by Cash Luna

English | March 20th, 2018 | ISBN: 1400208300, 9781400208302 | 350 Pages | True PDF | 6.83 MB

Cash Luna, renowned pastor and author, presents his new book, NOT BY SIGHT, an anthology on faith, based on 2 Corinthians 5:7.
The foundation of our life of faith are the promises and teachings that our Father shares with us in his Word. He wants us to walk by faith and not by sight because our senses can deceive us. Believe in the Lord and declare your blessings in your life, because you have dreams to achieve and miracles to witness. Live by faith!
To walk by faith it takes courage and humility because we must close our eyes to the pessimism of the world and let ourselves be guided by the promises of blessing from our heavenly Father.
Living by faith, contrary to what some believe, is a matter of higher minds with criteria to speak and act according to what is really accurate, the Word of God. Let us dare to challenge our faith at all times, since it is the most powerful and effective tool when we need to believe for daily sustenance and also when we need to believe by extraordinary miracles of healing and provision.

The Sinner’s Guide

English | September 21, 2015 | ISBN: 1785163426 | EPUB | 395 Pages | 1.7 MB

The author of this book was the favorite writer of St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Vincent de Paul, etc. St. Teresa of Avila credited this book with having converted over a million people in her time. This is the most persuasive book we know to encourage people to abandon sin and embrace repentance and virtue. The logic is relentless and effective. For mastery of subject, command of Scripture and total impact on the reader, no book surpasses The Sinner’s Guide!
Two things, Christian reader, particularly excite the will of man to good. A principle of justice is one, the other the profit we may derive therefrom. All wise men, therefore, agree that justice and profit are the two most powerful inducements to move our wills to any undertaking.
Now, though men seek profit more frequently than justice, yet justice is in itself more powerful; for, as Aristotle teaches, no worldly advantage can equal the excellence of virtue, nor is any loss so great that a wise man should not suffer it rather than yield to vice.

A New Kind of Apologist: *Adopting Fresh Strategies *Addressing the Latest Issues *Engaging the Culture edited by Sean McDowell

English | March 1, 2016 | ISBN: 0736966056 | EPUB | 304 pages | 0.6 MB

A New Kind of Apologist, edited by Sean McDowell and with contributions from more than 20 leading apologists, is the go-to resource for effectively defending the Christian faith in our changing culture. In it you’ll discover:
important topics often ignored by apologists, such as transgender issues, religious freedom, and the intersection of economics and apologetics
a new kind of apologetics that is relational, gracious, and holistic
interviews with both seasoned apologists and skeptics, providing insights into how to do apologetics effectively in today’s culture
A New Kind of Apologist addresses the latest issues, including
“Connecting Apologetics to the Heart”
“Teaching Apologetics to the Next Generation”
“Apologetics in our Sexually Broken Culture”
“Apologetics and Islam”
“Apologetics and Religious Freedom”
and adopts fresh strategies for reaching those who are outside the church with the truth of the gospel.

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